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Horoscope for tomorrow, on November, 3rd

the ARIES. Be more courageous in any undertakings - the prize will be on your party. Will please results of trips abroad, business trips in the country, contracts and business meetings. The fatal meeting with interesting   can become the focal point of your private life; the person. The award on work should help with the decision of some financial problems.

the TAURUS. Drive generous gifts, try to manage small and only the. The connivance to temptations can end for you with troubles and an illness. Attempts to decorate the house and a workplace will crown by success, earnings will increase, entertainments will please with a variety and level. In private life comes perfect it is time to solar cloudlessness, relations with the partner in marriage will get especially soft and heart-felt colouring.

DIDYMUSES. Try to relax and less to clash - both with by itself, and with associates. From you will expect the certain answer, and you should sound the personal opinion. Even if your answer to the tempting offer will be negative, you will not release simply and will bring down strong pressure, urging to agree. Usually your irony is not beyond admissible, but today you risk inadvertently strongly to offend someone, releasing in its address not too pertinent comments.

the CANCER. this day to you is better to be far away from friends and acquaintances, to have a rest from them and to give the chance to them to have a rest from you. You are expected by hard day of doubts and searches of various variants, it is necessary to make a choice though all will seem grey and unpromising. Keep planned before a course, all new this day will bring only emptiness disappointment. The probability of cold and overloads is great. It is necessary to take care especially.

the LION. You with ease can punch any bureaucratic walls, catch career good luck and monetary profit. Today you will start to come off soil of a reality and to be lifted on wings of love illusions. The novel which will present to you the desirable romanticism and sincere heat is possible. Enjoy gifts of this day, but leave time and for sober reflexions.

the VIRGIN. From gloomy thoughts of today you will be fine distracted by a campaign to the stylist, a new hairstyle, acquisition of the stylish clothes adequate to your status. In love you will try to operate with the old tested methods, but, probably, it is necessary to change something in the vital installations and to head for quality.

SCALES. If you are not married, and search for possibility to get acquainted this day can present to you chance of an unexpected meeting. Attentively look around, can risk and tell an affable word – Your boldness can pay off and outgrow in long romantic relations.

the SCORPION. Self-criticism and quiet consistency - pledge of your good luck. Day can bring afflictions. To avoid material and emotional losses, do not hurry today anywhere and in what – as much as possible weigh the words and decisions. It is a lot of work, but the vesper campaign in restaurant not only will rescue from routine, but also will present pleasant unexpectedness.

the SAGITTARIUS. Day will be difficult from the emotional point of view, you will lose a lot of energy and by the end of day will be squeezed out to a limit. Any pleasant joint   purchases or movings to space. You will be united by fidelity, persistence and mutual love. This day will present to you a lot of energy to rise over troubles and to step through obstacles.

the CAPRICORN. On trips you will be trapped by unforeseen dangers. This day avoid displays of aggression, arbitrariness and willfulness - consequences will be serious. Is better to retire and avoid dialogue with new people. Time to strengthen health. Before you loosened it, and now it is time to restore. Be not lazy it to do, leaving in daily problems.

AQUARIUS. Day is favorable for business meetings and financial operations. You will raise interest to yourselves. Trips on family affairs, expenses for repair are possible. Be not overzealous in the help to children. Evening will present personal happiness and beautiful gifts of love.

FISHES. This day, as a whole, rather creative: bricks of the strong base of your successes for very long period of time are put. Today be careful in use of the big financial assets, possibility incorrectly them is great to distribute and get to a heavy crisis monetary situation. Trouble you can expect from outside, apparently, silent, timid, reserved and serious people.