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In streets of Syktyvkar of the mouse search for the winter for warm places and frighten impressionable passers-by

the Last some days on city streets mice ran. You will pass on a city and continually you hear shouts of impressionable young women.

- the Mouse, the mouse! - without fainting almost, the woman shouts.

And it is valid: on snow the small lump of rusty colour having a tail, let and very quick, is swept up easily. The rodent and itself is not glad that has caught sight to people: that will whisk there, that here, trying to disappear somewhat quicker.

- I to death am afraid of mice! - Natalia who till now has not come to the senses after collision with a small animal sobs prohozhaja. - it to me hardly has not bitten through boots! And after all if will bite, then problems you will not be gathered: go inoculations from furiousness do, and still can and that is worse!

Mice at us in a city noticed and near apartment houses in the Orbit, and near shop « Tobacco » At a final stop 18 - go a route, and even near City stomatologic polyclinic.

- Mice and rats start to migrate in the autumn, - the deputy director on industrial questions FGUP « declares; Disinfection » Tatyana Shenina. - They get out of the norok and run more close to people, in apartment houses, in the eating, children`s, industrial and municipal organisations where warmly also is, than to profit.

Here and now small animals already had time to lodge on a new living space: the inhabitant of one of pjatietazhek along the street Morozova any more does not know where to disappear from these mice. In spite of the fact that she lives on 4 floor, rodents from a cellar have reached and it.

- thank God that at me the cat - krysolov, - laughs Tatyana Kordonsky. - Already three mice to me has dragged. Proud such, will catch the small wrecker and puts on a foreground supposedly look the mistress, knowingly the bread I eat!

When the cat of Ksjusha has brought to Tatyana the first mouse, that hardly in a faint has not fallen. And truth, horribly to realise that at you in apartment rodents run. And then the mistress has seen all this « a charm » the eyes.

- I Sit as - that houses, the TV I look. And suddenly I see, a cat washing everything has strained, in a corner stares. I have had a look there, and at me already heart has stood: the mouse as in what happened looks at me sits! Here a cat washing with its claws rraz! Hardly live has brought to my feet. And and it is opposite to me, and it is a pity a small small animal...

Tatyana is assured that rodents run from a cellar: at them in the house recently have concreted basement windows, but small apertures nevertheless have left. The mouse there will precisely climb through, and here the cat already will not squeeze in any way. Here also have arranged mice in a cellar free life: anybody does not drive them, run, how much you want.

- Any residential building should be protected from rodents, - the master of Open Company « declares; Disinfection service ». - Basement prospirits (those windows — a bus comment) Should be marked a fine mesh through which rodents not to make the way. And on a broader scale all cracks where the mouse can climb, should be closed up.

And here to street cats in cellars too the input is closed: as workers of disinfection services explain, they litter basements, breed, therefore their presence there is undesirable. Though for certain, the street cat if could climb in a cellar, with pleasure would reduce there mouse population.

Even experts in destruction of rodents consider that mice and rats — it is a never-ending problem in our city. They very quickly breed (in one and a half month after a birth are ready to bear new offspring), and for time one mouse can bring to 10 little mice!

- We conclude contracts with all operating organisations of a city and we spend deratization (destruction of rodents — a bus comment) In the majority of apartment houses, shops, kindergartens and other establishments, - the master of Open Company « declares; Disinfection service ». - Rodents represent biological danger as carry different infectious diseases, besides they can put and an economic damage: gnaw through a wire and a cable.

In service of destruction of rodents to us have explained that inhabitants of the houses attached to REU, can receive a poison and traps for mice and rats free of charge, and here to citizens who want to get rid of rodents in the private house, on a summer residence or in garage it is necessary to buy poison. For this purpose there are the specialised shops, one of the such is in Syktyvkar in the street Dimitrova in the house 3/ 3.


With rats it is much easier to struggle, than with mice

At mice very fast metabolism, - Tatyana Shenina, the deputy director on industrial questions FGUP « has noticed; Disinfection ». - They if will eat a poison it soon leaves an organism, without having had time to be late. As they at all do not eat a poison, and try — where that lies. With rats is much easier: they have eaten and were lost. Therefore, to catch the mouse, to use glutinous platforms much more effectively.


If you are disturbed by rodents, immediately call in the specialised organisations:

Open Company « Disinfection service » - 25 - 94 - 20

FGUP « Disinfection » - 43 - 38 - 56