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On the Samara quay have established a toilet for invalids - koljasochnikov

About care of invalids speak much and beautifully. In Samara, for example, have decided to establish some toilets for people with the limited possibilities. In particular, on the area of Kuibyshev and quay. Like intention good, but even here without roughnesses does not manage.

On Tuesday opened a toilet for invalids on quay. A construction   grayish colour have established near to pool TSSK of the Air Forces.   doubtless plus at once is evident:   the Toilet is divided on two booths -   for usual townspeople and for invalids. Over order watches Between them sits « the security guard » - the woman of years 60. It should protect a toilet from hooligans - teenagers and to help invalids to rise on a ramp.

At first sight, for people with the limited possibilities all is equipped. But it only seems. Actually in a construction a heap of lacks. Invalids can explain them only. The first has solved   to test an innovation the man by name of Alexander. It has approached on a carriage on booths. Also has noticed the first defect. That to call in on a ramp, it is necessary to overcome a step.

to notice all defects, Photos have decided to test a toilet in practice

is the person only with strong hands can make, - Alexander speaks. – otherwise an obstacle simply you will not prevail against.

the Second notable minus – a door. It heavy enough. Besides, opens outside. To unlock a booth, the person with the limited possibilities needs to pull the handle, to drive off back, to fling the door open. And only then to get to a toilet.

And the biggest defect – it is plums.   the pedal costs below. That is the invalid - koljasochniku needs to press a foot on plums! But after all this category of people of a foot just also has a sore point Than they should press a pedal?

In a toilet there is a laver, convenient hand-rail. But a washout pedal - foot
the Photo:

the Invalid - koljasochnik has directly specified Alain SHAPOVALOVA in it to officials. Those only have made a helpless gesture:

- We will consider all malfunctions. We will correct them in the near future, - a deputy head of Management of an external accomplishment of Department of an accomplishment and ecology Vyacheslav Roters has assured.

In particular, have promised to clean a short flight of stairs, a door to make moved apart, and plums manual in the form of the lever. However, terms are designated and were not. And when in Russia at first to learn to think, and then to do?