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The Rostov region can lose the Olympic champions on rowing

One of these days in edition « » it was converted rostovchanin, whose son is engaged in rowing on kayaks and a canoe on the Rowing channel:

- It is rumored that from the Rowing channel want to separate a universal sports complex in the street 2 - j Krasnodar. The season at oarsmen is already ended, and during winter time of training pass in halls. There are they and in territory of the Rowing channel but why - that in them is engaged everybody, except oarsmen - basketball players, volleyball players... Therefore there is a unique variant with a complex on Western. And if it will select where to train to my son and other sportsmen? Understand, please, this question. It is very important, as colds have already come to Rostov...

As has found out « » Management on physical training and sports of Rostov became the initiator of reorganisation. Really, there is an idea to separate from MOU DOD « The rowing channel « Don » three objects: a football ground in the street Tupolev, a gym in the street Sheboldaeva and an aforementioned universal sports complex in the street 2 - j Krasnodar - those, on which « out of a season » that is in the winter, oarsmen were engaged. It is planned that under these objects other municipal authority (detsko will be shortly created - the youthful school 12), accordingly, together with them will depart also an essential share of financing. And the Rowing channel, we will tell directly and so does not show off - means suffice only on maintenance financially - technical base in working order.

the Head of department on physical training and sports of Rostov Margarita Samofalova asserts that sport centre on 2 - j Krasnodar under the authority of the Rowing channel « Don » were not going to leave from the very beginning, it wanted to give under mass, game sports. But to begin building, it was necessary to translate a complex to balance of sports object. Have chosen the Rowing channel. And alternatively a hall in the winter to oarsmen have offered... To ski. And on water area of the Rowing channel. It is necessary to freeze it only.

- we have priority sports, and rowing among them. We do not want them « to bury ». This year to the Rowing channel « Don » 41 year was executed. The help is necessary to it, and the city helps. Already there is a rebuilding plan of objects. To rowing it is given particular attention, - Margarita Samofalova has underlined.

- What?! - the president of federation of rowing on kayaks and a canoe of the Rostov region Alexey Ivankov is surprised. - Name at least one champion, OK, not the country - at least the Rostov region - it come from Rostov? More often competitions are won by children from White Kalitvy, Taganrog. And here Rostov which for trainings has such perfect base as the Rowing channel, has faded into the background. The stock is not present, gyms are not present... Come to us, for example, 20 newcomers to be engaged. It is pleasant to them, very well. Parents then come, see, how children change clothes on a cold in the street, float by five boats instead of twenty, and it is good, if as a result with us there are three children, - Ivankov is indignant.

By itself if to train only in warm weather on the Rowing channel neither about growth of skill of oarsmen, nor about medals of superiority of Russia, the world and the Olympic games cannot be and speeches. And it is very insulting, after all the Don edge always was famous for successes in this sport. It is enough to remember names of winners and prize-winners of the recent summer Olympic Games - Alexander Kostogloda, Nikolay Spineva, Alexey Fedorovtseva. On change « to stars » the most talented change grows. About it eloquently tell figures: This year quantity of the young sportsmen trained in MOU DOD « the Rowing channel « Don » has made almost three thousand persons. And if now to beat out at these children soil from - under feet, consequences can be the most sad.

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And At this time

« Business about the Rowing channel » accepts scandalously - criminal character

- During check on « the Rowing channel « Don » infringements not only in respect of licensing of objects (for example, the same complex on 2 - j Krasnodar which last year was solemnly opened by the mayor of Rostov and   have been revealed; which has managed to the city budget in 55 million roubles, does not correspond to requirements of Rospotrebnadzora and consequently, to be engaged in it it is impossible until infringements will not be eliminated, - a comment red .) But also gross infringements financially - economic activities are admitted, - speaks and. An island of the director of MOU DOD « the Rowing channel « Don » Sergey Superata . - In particular, it concerns charges of the salary to employees. The former director (Anatoly Orehov, and to it - Margarita Samofalova, - a comment red.) On August, 19th has gone on leave with the subsequent dismissal, and to me has left to bring all infringements into accord.

As informs UFSB Russia across the Rostov region, as a result of check in Management on physical training and city sports on which balance there is MOU DOD « the Rowing channel « Don » it has been revealed 45 so-called « dead souls » since 2007 of roubles monthly receiving on six thousand in MOU DOD « the Rowing channel « Don ». In whose pocket flowed away hundred thousand roubles, it is still found out.


« This scandalous situation - a consequence of my appointment to the post »

Sergey superata , and. An island of the director of MOU DOD DJUSSH « the Rowing channel Don » The fivefold world champion on rowing on kayaks and a canoe, the merited master of sports of the USSR, the vice-president of the Rostov regional federation of rowing on kayaks and a canoe:  

- I will not hide, the situation really gets scandalous character, but I would not began to say that it is connected only with MOU DOD DJUSSH « the Rowing channel « Don » and school division. This consequence of my appointment to the post of the director fulfilling duty. To me some times on various pretexts suggested to leave - ostensibly I am too focused on sports development. In a word, uneasy relations with a management of city sport committee have started to develop still one year ago.

As to direct school MOU DOD divisions « the Rowing channel « Don » I can tell, what I, certainly, not against opening of new school, but what way? To separate sports objects, to take away a considerable part of financing of already existing school, and the most important thing, to select branches of sports, rates of trainers and group of already engaged children?! It is called to open new sports school to the detriment of already existing, that is to cut on the live! And all it oddly, I will repeat, has coincided with my appointment to the post of the director fulfilling duty...

Trainers and parents of children are disturbed! On one of teachers` meetings which spent g - n Smirnov (a deputy head sporkomiteta cities, - a comment red .) It has been declared that on the Rowing channel remains only two sports: rowing on kayaks and a canoe and boat racing. It provided that for today the school totals 24 sports, in staff of 67 trainers and 2 175 children! As you can see, it is full nonsense! I think that if I such have declared, me would expel this very day. The rowing channel « Don » in the near future it first of all a multipurpose sports cluster! There will be both swimming pool, and a sports palace for competitions on game sports and   to single combats, and a hotel complex with a full spectrum of services, and etc. And all it should be up-to-date COMPLEX object. A sports cluster « the Rowing channel « Don » will change shape of a city of Rostov-on-Don as a whole. And one of heads of sport committee declares that there will be only a rowing! On - to mine, very short-sighted.  

Personally I have, professional, a vision   developments of the Rostov Rowing channel « Don » which is very accurately entered in the concept of the program of development of sports on Don, skilfully carried out by a new management of the Rostov region led by governor Vasily Jurevichem Golubevym. For example, I in the first put on a post has closed journey of motor transport to a sports zone of the Rowing channel. Earlier for 50 roubles it was possible to call in by the car anywhere, everywhere there was a dirt and garbage from unbounded picnics. And it on sports object! Now in the territory entrusted to me it is possible and to make the pedestrian walks, both to run cross-countries, and to go for a drive on rollers. The rowing channel it first of all sports park for rest by all family. However it is necessary to make still very many. Forces, knowledge and enthusiasm for this purpose are. Plus is given optimism by support of city authorities and area. Taking an opportunity, many thanks to the mayor of Rostov and to the region government would be desirable to tell.