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The Perm oil industry workers help to solve a problem of shortage of donor blood

Perm krajunuzhno more donors

On one thousand inhabitants at us only 12 donors, and it is necessary an order 40. From - for shortages of donor blood doctors before operations are urged to ask to provide relatives of patients an appearance on points of blood transfusion of several donors. In cases when blood of rare group is necessary, with negative - the factor, donors it is necessary to search for a Rhesus factor through announcements in mass-media and the Internet. If blood is necessary urgently or in great volumes, it becomes a matter of life and death. By sharper the problem is done by the fast beginning of work in Perm two large medical centres - perinatalnogo and cardiological: the requirement for components of donor blood considerably will increase.

actions on blood delivery at the enterprises and in high schools become the Present lifesaver saving many lives. The action « became one of the largest and productive; Day of the donor » spent by Group of the enterprises « LUKOIL - Perm » together with the Perm regional station of blood transfusion. Kuedy already has taken part in it more than 250 oil industry workers from Perm, Polazny, Berezniki, the Wasp. Soon them plan to join and lukojlovtsy Chernushinsky area.

- Oil industry workers serious and responsible, - the chief of an exit brigade of Regional station of blood transfusion of Nailja Zelenin speaks. - always it is possible to rely on them: how much the person have declared in advance the desire to hand over blood, so much and comes to ambulatory point when we come to this or that area of edge.  

At oil industry workers - the most healthy blood!

In Perm the action has passed on October, 26th in the central office of the company. This day in a first-aid post of office blood have handed over 80   workers from different divisions of the enterprise and service services: Men and women, heads of departments and their employees, absolutely young children and people are more senior - all have come to participate in this noble and an important issue.

- To us declared this action, but anybody did not agitate us and did not persuade, - donor Elina Koshkareva, the leading engineer of management of capital construction of Open Company « speaks; LUKOIL - Perm ». - to Hand over blood not difficultly, it is not sick and it is not terrible. I hand over it not the first time and I consider that for healthy people it should become norm and a commonplace, after all high-grade replacement of human blood while is not present. After delivery I feel absolutely normally, and even the day off today, probably, I will not take. It is very correct that our enterprise has organised such action: oil industry workers - people strong both healthy, and our blood - very qualitative! - Elina Igorevna laughs.      

Under the law after krovodachi all donors obtain monetary compensation on a food, and still it is given to them two days of rest with preservation of average earnings. From - for these additional days off not all employers greet a donor service of the employees, but in LUKOIL all to the contrary.

- the hot meals - the high-grade and tasty complex dinner including and such garnet juice useful to donors became Addition to these, the guaranteed state to support measures, organised for donors at our enterprise with assistance of the trade-union organisation, - the leading expert of department of social programs Galina Gruzdev marks.

By the way, doctors consider what to hand over blood for the donor it is useful. In - the first, analyses of blood which he hands over before everyone krovodachej, allow it to watch a state of health and to reveal possible diseases at an early stage. In - the second, sudden krovopoterju, for example, from - for traumas, the donor will transfer much easier, than the person who is not handing over blood. In - the third, krovodacha stimulates krovetvorenie - marrow and spleen work: in an organism there is an updating eritrotsitov and, as consequence, many donors mark improvement of state of health and effect of a rejuvenation. Besides, it is noticed that the people who are regularly handing over blood, are ill warmly - vascular diseases less often.

Oil industry workers of the Perm edge have made very important and necessary business. And it only the beginning. It is planned that next year workers of Open Company will take part in donor actions « LUKOIL - Perm » from all territories of the Perm edge where there are company enterprises. So - join!      


the person from 18 till 60 years, not ill hepatitises, a HIV, a syphilis, a tuberculosis, not having chronic diseases can become the Donor of blood. Admissible quantity krovodach at men - 5 times a year, at women - 4. A physiological dose of prepared blood - 450 ml. The day before and in day krovodachi it is impossible to eat sharp and fat, to take alcohol. Before blood delivery the light morning meal is recommended. At itself the donor should have the passport with a residence permit in territory of the Perm edge not less than 6 months. For you wait in Regional station of blood transfusion to the address: Perm, Lebedev`s street, 54 in the working days with 8. 00 to 12. 00. Inquiries by phone (342 282 - 53 - 25.