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The Kirov parachutist has landed on high-voltage wires

On Monday, in 25 km from Kirov, in Kuchanah, the new airdrome for small aircraft has opened. This airfield became one more point where parachutists can receive the portion of adrenaline. But not for all the next jump comes to an end successfully. So, on October, 22nd 22 - the summer Elena having behind shoulders a brief experience of jumps, has arrived with friends in Kuchany once again to test adrenaline.

- We have carried out all necessary procedures before a jump, - Alexey Sokolov, one of the parachutists jumping together with Elena assures. - it has passed the physical examination, all records in magazines are. Has undersigned for the sheet, in the list of passengers. That has occurred to it in air, till now is not clear.

the Girl jumped with « a wing » it is such type of a parachute.

- Parachute system « a wing » unlike a dome, allows to operate flight, - the eyewitness of tragedy Michael has told. - roughly speaking, it is possible « rulit ». With such parachute really to leave from an obstacle even one second prior to collision. Why it has not made it, not clearly. Probably, has simply become puzzled and has run into a stupor. Speed of a wind that day was about 5 m/ with, and speed « a wing » 10. If to combine and translate, leaves under 40 kilometres per hour. It - is a lot of.

During a jump something has gone not so. The girl has deviated a landing place on 600 metres and has landed on high-voltage wires. Eyewitnesses consider that Elena has not managed to drive. Though for it it there was already an eighth jump, from which second on « a wing ». Six previous times the girl jumped with a usual dome parachute which cannot be operated.

Now Elena lies in hospital with burns in stable a grave condition. The family hopes that it will get out.

how much such jumps are legal also a leah all safety precautions regulations are observed during them, now find out investigating bodies.

- At us the noncommercial organisation, we simply command of parachutists, - speaks Alexey Sokolov who is the chief poiskovo - saving base of Poroshino. - we Carry out private jumps, any interested person can come, learn and jump. I am also the parachutist - the instructor. All documents which are necessary for the admission to a jump, are available. That has occurred to Elena - accident, it is difficult to speak, who is guilty. In it, I think, bodies will understand.

Opinion of the professional

« Responsibility for flight on all who prepared it »

- Duly, the beginner before the training beginning should bring the inquiry that it is healthy, - has explained, how should be, Yury Ivantsov, the chief of the Kirov aeroclub. - after that we will start it to prepare. Are obliged to teach to operate during a jump. On end of a theoretical course we are convinced of readiness of the person. We accept offset. We suppose to trainings on training apparatus. At this time there is a parachute adjustment. The contract consists, and during the jump responsibility is born by all who took part in preparation. These norms are registered in the civil code. Independently, what receipt was given by the parachutist, responsibility from the personnel on preparation does not act in film.