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The most widespread diseases at modern Volgograd schoolboys are connected with a thyroid gland

Traditional physical examinations for pupils of high schools spent within the limits of realisation of the program of upgrade of public health services. Already now inspection have passed 6 thousand 14 - summer teenagers of the Volgograd region. And one of the basic diseases which have found out in schoolboys, are diseases of a thyroid gland.

physical examinations What for are necessary and a leah necessarily to pass them? We have set these and other questions to Marina Aksenovoj, the chief of department of the organisation of medical aid to women and children of committee on public health services of administration of the Volgograd region.


5 simple questions on prophylactic medical examination of schoolboys in Volgograd


1. In what difference of prophylactic medical examination in 2011 from medical inspection of last year?

- this year along with standard physical examination all schoolboys have possibility to pass thyroid gland ultrasonic, ultrasonic of genitals. Also to teenagers will give free laboratory inspection of six hormones directed on sexual development of the schoolboy.

- Hilenky has gone now the schoolboy, or it seems to me...
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2. Why the special emphasis in this physical examination becomes on endokrinnuju and reproductive system of an organism?

- There is unfavourable data of a demographic situation in our area. In comparison with 2009, for today was born on 200 kids less. The problem of this physical examination - to reduce quantity of fruitless marriages. And sexual health depends first of all on normal function endokrinnyh glands. Those experts who can reveal in time available deviations, - children`s endokrinolog, the urologist, androlog will survey reproductive health of teenagers.

3. How there will pass prophylactic medical examination?

- Schoolboys send in hospitals for survey passage. And in those settlements of area where is not present above the named experts (see point 2), will direct brigades of doctors.

4. A leah It is possible to refuse physical examination?

- Till 15 years parents solve for the child. The refusal right remains for parents but while there is a chance to pass expensive inspection free of charge, I advise to all this possibility to use.

5. What most widespread diseases among schoolboys?

- By data for 2010, it is diseases of respiratory organs - 39 %, digestive system - 9,5 %, illnesses of eyes - 7 %.