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The future parents sit down school desks

So, you wish to take in the children`s home. Probably, you already know particularly to whom exactly you want to give a roof. Or you only think to become the parent and do not know, with what to begin.

responsibility Lessons

Anyway your first address: Moskovsky prospectus, 104 where the Petersburg Center of the help to a family and children is located.

Experts of the centre will tell, what requirements are shown to adoptive fathers, and will help to collect a necessary package of documents.

But responsibility for   the small person the huge. Therefore the future mum and the father should realise seriously, a leah they are ready to the new important role. In the centre professional psychologists, doctors and lawyers will help to be prepared for it.

At people it is a lot of questions. Why one children can be adopted, and it is authorised to take others only under guardianship? It is necessary to meet what medical problems, where it is possible to survey the child in addition? As   to behave at the first meeting with the kid, to teach it to trust you and the whole world? To store or not secret of adoption?   a leah can apply the adoptive child for the inheritance? It only a part on what here conduct group lessons. In literal sense the future mums and fathers sit down school desks and study …

Then to each applicant talk individually.

- an interview Main objective - to help adoptive fathers to estimate the possibilities, - the psychologist of the centre Martha Aleksandrova explains. - Our problem to find out, why there was a desire to take the child, thought over this decision or a momentary emotional impulse. Therefore we ask questions on family history, relations between spouses and relatives, about their professional way, career. As other members of a family - grandmothers and grandfathers, the own children will concern the orphan.

it is how much cosy in your house

Speech will necessarily go and about where it is necessary to live to the kid. It is not so much about square metres, how much about the house as that. About a home.

- it is important to understand, a leah parents to the child can provide psychological comfort, - Martha Aleksandrova especially underlines. - Adoptive fathers should realise that it will bring not only long-awaited pleasure, but also certain difficulties. And if in a family there are problems occurrence of the kid will not smooth, and will aggravate them.   a leah

Becomes happy the child and his parents, its device will be how much successful, depends not on a state of health of the kid or level of its intellectual development. And from, a leah there can another`s be, as a matter of fact, people relatives. Or, as it names psychologists, - steady healthy affection - such what happens between parents and the own children in united families will be generated.

After the future parents have collected all inquiries and documents, and also had training preparation in the centre, they should be converted with the statement into guardianship and guardianship bodies in a residence. Experts of a social service survey living conditions and will give out the conclusion about possibility to be adoptive fathers.

And then parents take the following step - select a nominee of the child in guardianship and guardianship bodies or regional databanks of children without parental support in territory of the Russian Federation. In Petersburg such bank   settles down to the address: a lane of Antonenko,   6.