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Two-tariff counters will pass on winter time

the Main subject of week - cancellation of transition to winter time in Russia - was discussed in a press - the centre « in Bottom ». More correctly, not abolition of transfer of hours, and a situation with two-tariff counters. As it is known, such devices of the account are programmed on, that in the night from 29 for October, 30th « to jump » on an hour forward. Dishonest firms have already started to scatter menacing letters on mail boxes of townspeople, actively imposing the services: « If will not reprogram the counter in time since November, 1st will pay on one - not to a concession fare! »

- Yes, to us consumers with such questions are converted, - the assistant to the general director of Open Society « has informed; the Nizhniy Novgorod marketing company » Evgenie Vodopjanov. - But edinomomentno such huge park of devices of the account which is today in the Nizhniy Novgorod region, cannot be brought into accord with an innovation accepted at federal level. I hurry to calm townspeople: owners of two-tariff counters till the end of 2012 can easy hand over indications on this device of the account - they I will are valid. Most likely, and then such device of the account will be quite raschetosposobnym.

But under existing conditions the grace period during winter time will attack hour later: not with 22. 00 to 7. 00, and with 23. 00 to 8. 00 and on Saturday with 16. 00 to 8. 00 Mondays.

- Any documents which demand from nizhegorodtsev urgent reprogramming of devices of the account, no, - director FGU « speaks; the Nizhniy Novgorod centre of standardization and metrology » Phillip Balashov. - We will already reprogram free of charge counters to those inhabitants whom they bring in actual fact. Procedure is simple enough, occupies a maximum of 10 minutes. Basically the problem consists in other: it is necessary to remove correctly, and then to put into place the counter.

By the way, most to climb in a guard with a high voltage it is not advised: is better let dismantles the device the electrician.

- After repeated installation of its counter it is necessary to seal up again, - Evgenie Vodopjanov speaks. - By the way, there are counters which are unessential for removing, they can be reprogrammed on a place, directly in apartment. It is necessary for you to spend money for removal of the counter or not, the electrician will tell. And on a broader scale time still is. Probably, soon there will be legislative changes in this question. After all it concerns sufficient quantity nizhegorodtsev, among clients of our company, for example, about three hundred thousand persons use two-tariff counters …


As well as where in Bottom to reprogram the account device.

As well as where to reprogram the account device?

1. Call the expert of user`s point of the power company (Beketov`s 15 street, ph. 233 - 09 - 70). It will take readings from the device, will draw up the statement which is signed by the consumer.

2. For counter dismantle call the electrician - through DUK or TSZH. On the average for this service take 80 - 100 roubles.

3. Carry the device on reprogramming:

- On counter manufacturer

- Open Company « Power control » the lane Reeling, 8, ph. 467 - 81 - 12

- In the Nizhniy Novgorod centre of standardization and metrology: streets Republican, 1, ph. 428 - 57 - 27

In Nizhniy Novgorod TSSM promise to reprogram counters all interested person free of charge. But only in the event that at the device has not expired checking term - it makes from 3 till 16 years depending on device types (date can be found in the device passport).

4. Then anew seal up the counter and place it in operation is costs about 500 roubles.