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Clinton put down to credit success of operation of the NATO in Libya

a Coalition which was carrying out operations against a mode of Muammara Kaddafi in Libya, at the very beginning of military operations was on the verge of disorder and it is obliged by the preservation to state secretary Hillari Clinton, writes The Washington Post referring to words of the European diplomat who has told on the condition of anonymity about a role of the USA in the Libyan campaign.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, Clinton has helped to settle the conflict between France and Italy. As the newspaper informs, the prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has been deduced from itself by that the French fighters have struck blow to the Libyan armies on March, 19th three hours prior to the official beginning of campaign. Berlusconi has accused Paris of intention to eclipse the NATO and has threatened to close the Italian air bases for alliance planes. To settle this dispute and has helped Clinton.  

Besides, Clinton has convinced Barack Obama to recognise National transitive advice (NPS), created by insurgents, contrary to recommendations of lawyers of State department. It has allowed opposition to get access to actives of a mode to Kaddafi frozen in the USA. Clinton has convinced to recognise NPS and many other countries.