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How to shape up for two months

the Correspondent « Tatyana Mihnevich
the Photo: Elena VAKHRUSHEV

About New year remains only two months.

- Here by this time to dump pair - a three (and in an ideal - the five - to ten!) Superfluous kilogrammes, - I have pensively thought, looking at myself in a mirror. - to meet a feast strojnjashkoj …

On a broader scale - that, I will not tell that I especially thick, a case not the critical. But, objectively estimating itself, I understand that superfluous kgs at me all - taki to eat and dump them will not prevent. Also has put at all in a pursuit of modelling forms (though, what woman does not want to be beautiful!) . Has put, first of all, in health. After all the big weight oh as affects our state of health.

And here I learn that in Yaroslavl special courses after which people easily and quickly start to dump weight work. Here do not offer any diets, simply learn that, when and how much it is necessary to eat and drink always to be in shape.

- Without diets? It is necessary to try! - I was delighted and have gone on these a miracle - courses.

Now I only right at the beginning, and ahead at me long three months of a way to a harmonous figure. Expensive readers and, the main thing, readers! And why to us together not to try to grow thin? After all to everyone is to what to aspire, as they say, there is no limit to perfection! I will go on courses, to try to follow the received recommendations and about all to tell to you. And still to add comments of experts, not to do much harm at all to the health.

From now on I will keep a diary on a site. It will be daily updated. Join! We will grow thin together!