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Erosion of a neck of a uterus: What method of treatment to choose?

a pathology of a neck of a uterus – erosion, is the most widespread gynecologic disease. It find at 10 - 15 % of women of genital age coming to the gynecologist for usual routine inspection. Erosion detection frequently becomes an unpleasant surprise: « I feel absolutely healthy! ».

with erosion of a neck of a uterus it is necessary to struggle, after all it is a nursery of an infection and aggravates inflammatory processes. It also is dangerous to normal course of pregnancy as during this period can strongly bleed, and blood and erosion are the fertile environment for distribution and reproduction of microbes.

As self-treatment in house conditions many women use tampons with oblepihovym butter and honey. However experts nevertheless insist: « Any self-treatment! Any pathology of a neck of a uterus at long wrong treatment can pass in a cancer of a neck of a uterus ».

That such erosion of a neck of a uterus? In what the occurrence reason? How diagnostics and treatment methods exist? In what danger of absence of the help of the expert? – the doctor - the gynecologist Asya Norajrovna Grigoryan (« makes comments ; the International medical centre Medikal It Grup – Nizhni Novgorod ») .

That such erosion of a neck of a uterus

Erosion of a neck of a uterus one of the most widespread female diseases. What is the erosion of a neck of a uterus when arises and how it to treat? For the best understanding of the reason and the mechanism of occurrence of erosion of a neck of a uterus we will consider features of a structure of a neck of a uterus and its change during menstrualnogo a cycle.

From anatomy

the Uterus is the hollow body which great bulk is made by a muscular fabric. From within this body vystlan endometriem – a special fabric which can easily change and help to develop to the impregnated cage. The uterus consists of a body, an isthmus and a uterus neck.

Inside a uterus neck vystlana a special fabric – cylindrical epiteliem which cages densely prilezhat to each other also settle down only in one layer (they form tservikalnyj the channel). Its external part leaving in a gleam of a vagina, is covered multilayered epiteliem which cages form numerous layers. It of the same structure, as well as mucous vaginas also covers a neck to edges of an external aperture – an external pharynx of a neck of a uterus.

There there is its connection with other type epitelija – cylindrical epiteliem. This epitely covers a uterus neck from within the channel conducting in a cavity of a uterus. In norm transition from one type epitelija to another is carried out gradually.

As there is an erosion

the Starting mechanism in erosion development more often the infection is. The list can be long – it and stafilokokki, streptococci, an intestinal stick, enterokokk, together with activators which carry to the category « the latent infections, sexually transmitted »: a mycoplasma, an ureaplasma, gardnerella, hlamidii. Infitsirovaniju necks contribute various microtraumas, ruptures of a neck of a uterus at the time of delivery, a trauma of a neck during medical abortion, and also inflammatory diseases of a vagina and uterus appendages.

Asya Norajrovna Grigoryan, the doctor - the gynecologist (« the International medical centre Medikal It Grup – Nizhni Novgorod ») .

Local inflammatory process of a mucous membrane is accompanied by the raised secretion, that is education is more white. It leads to additional irritation and infringement of normal structure of a mucous membrane of a neck of a uterus. Epitely disappears, the mucous membrane surface becomes bare. It easily bleeds, it is easy « conceives » an infection. Blood vessels are thus hurt, the woman can complain even on krovjanistye allocation after sexual intercourse. So there is a true erosion. It has the wrong form, is bright - red colour and bleeds at dotragivanii. Through 1 - 2 weeks after occurrence true erosion either disappears, or passes in « pseudo-erosion of a neck of a uterus » and defect multilayered flat epitelija is replaced cylindrical epiteliem the channel of a neck of a uterus. When the gynecologist says to the woman that at it erosion of a neck of a uterus, usually is a question not about true erosion as there is a true erosion short time (1 - 3 weeks) and the moment of its occurrence it is almost impossible to catch, and about ektopii or pseudo-erosion. So name pathological defeat of a mucous neck at which usual flat multilayered epitely an external part of a neck of a uterus it is replaced with cylindrical cages from cervical (tservikalnogo) the channel. No defect epitelija at this disease arises. Single-layered epitely the channel of a neck of a uterus leaves on an external part of a neck of a uterus and gets absolutely to another « inhabitancy ». Under the influence of the sour environment of a vagina and below the listed moments of a cage epitelija start more or to expand less actively, there is a centre progressing. Thus, the majority lying round external matochnogo a pharynx of zones of the red colour united under the general name « Erosion » are good-quality changes,   therefore doctors name often erosion differently – ektopija or pseudo-erosion. Localisation ektopii can be the diversified. Sometimes it almost completely covers a neck, and is more often observed in the form of a zone round an external pharynx of a neck of a uterus, or only separate islets cylindrical epitelija against the multilayered are visible.

the Reasons of occurrence of erosion

How to diagnose erosion

As a rule, on presence at the woman of erosion of a neck of a uterus to it is informed by the doctor - the gynecologist during survey of a neck of a uterus « in mirrors ». Sometimes, less often, erosion proves clinically plentiful mucous vydelenijami from a vagina during menstrualnogo a cycle or contact blood vydelenijami after sexual intercourse. One of ways of diagnostics of type of erosion – it is a cytologic method. With various including amazed, neck sites dab - soskob undertakes, then its research under a microscope is conducted. But, undoubtedly, leading research in diagnostics of various diseases of a neck of a uterus is kolposkopija. Kolposkop allows to see details of a structure cervical epitelija and a cervical aperture at repeated increase. With the help kolposkopii from the very beginning easily establish the diagnosis of presence not changed epitelija, defeats ektopicheskogo type, vascular changes in a mucous membrane of a neck of a uterus.

Pseudo-erosion is one of the statuses united by the term « a background pathology of a neck of a uterus ». In itself such diseases do not lead to cancer development, however on their background the risk of occurrence of malignant new growths raises. That is why so it is important to find out in time the beginning of disease and to begin its timely treatment.

treatment Methods

Exist some classical most practised methods of treatment of erosion of a neck of a uterus. Simply « cauterisation » Or, if to be expressed in medical terminology, the method diatermokoaguljatsii, is most popular in the state medical institutions from - for the cheapness and ease of use. During procedure carrying out diatermokoaguljatsii the doctor deletes the amazed site of a neck by means of an electric current. This procedure is fraught with complications: an aggravation of a chronic inflammation of appendages, infringement menstrualnogo a cycle, an endometriosis of a neck of a uterus.   loss of elasticity of a neck of a uterus that is adverse for forthcoming sorts can be a consequence diatermokoaguljatsii. And duration of healing – from 8 till 10 weeks.

More sparing method – kriodestruktsija. An erosion site freeze liquid nitrogen. During procedure healthy fabrics practically are not hurt, but it to be necessary for a complete recovery not less than 8 - 10 weeks.

Treatment by means of the surgical laser yields quite good results and provides fast healing. However on the expiration of some time gynecologists have come to opinion that laser use gives some remote complications.

the Unique method of treatment of erosion of a neck of a uterus which on - to the present is worthy – it a radio wave method . The radio wave device « SURGITRON » created by the American company Ellman International Inc., has an application wide range in various areas of medicine: koloproktologija, gynecology, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, stomatology. Radio wave surgery – it is the unique non-contact method of a cut and coagulation of soft fabrics by means of radio-waves of high frequency (3,8 - 4,0 MHz). The dissecting effect is reached at the expense of heat allocated at resistance of fabrics to penetration into them directed high-frequency waves. High-frequency energy concentrates on a tip of an electrode and calls splash in endocellular molecular energy which heats up fabrics and actually evaporates cages. Thus direct contact of an electrode to cages is absent, and the electrode does not heat up. Unlike a mechanical scalpel and other dissecting physical devices (elektrokoaguljator, the laser, an ultrasonic scalpel) at application of a radio surgical method the cut becomes without pressure or other manualnogo influences on a fabric and is not accompanied by mechanical destruction of cages and painfull sensations. Procedure very short on time, all also is spent some minutes in out-patient conditions. The given method painless, does not leave cicatricial changes (high cosmetic effect), does not call bleedings and possesses sterilising effect. The wound after it heals quickly. Efficiency of radio surgical influence very high. And relapses after radio influence practically do not meet.

the Radio wave method is especially shown not giving birth women for treatment of pathologies of a neck of a uterus. It not only painless, but also does not bear threat for the future pregnancy.

Be assured, making regular visits to the gynecologist, you will reduce to a minimum probability of record in your out-patient card of the diagnosis « erosion of a neck of a uterus »!

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