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Saransk roads are equipped by light-emitting diode traffic lights

Security of traffic – above all. Probably, the Saransk authorities are guided by this motto. Especially actual the work directed on decrease of number dorozhno - transport incidents, becomes on the threshold of winter months. When the road cloth starts to remind a skating rink, the snowfall forms a dense white wall, and sun rays, being reflected from snowdrifts, blind eyes, it is necessary pristalnejshee to give attention to automatic control of difficult sites of roads.

As have informed in a press - service of Management of municipal services and an accomplishment of city district, earlier on the guard of observance of sequence between a stream of cars and pedestrians in capital of Mordovia there were lamp traffic lights. Certainly, they not bad carried out the functions, but thus had a number of essential lacks. For example, at certain illumination by sun rays the inattentive townspeople could not notice forbidding or, to the contrary, resolving signal. Such omission in an adverse situation can cost lives.

But since 2003 the situation gradually began to change for the better. Within the limits of realisation of actions for security of traffic old lamp traffic lights began to change on new, light-emitting diode. For today in Saransk 67 traffic lights are updated. Remained three lamp are located on crossroads of streets Republican – Old Posadsky, Ulyanov – Komarova and along the street Pavlika Morozova and also will be shortly replaced.

light-emitting diode traffic lights in many respects surpass the usual lamp In the technical characteristics. They more reliable, are less subject to breakages, have more service long term. One more important worthiness of new automatic traffic controllers – clearness of a signal. Bright light « eyes » a traffic light » it is impossible to mix without dependence from weather and descent angle of sun rays. Besides, traffic lights of new generation energoekonomichny. The resource of light-emitting diode modules makes more than 100 thousand hours and much more exceeds a resource of lamps nakalivanija. Thus the electric power expenditure decreases on 80 - 90 %. Become less both expenses for service and operation.