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The new Perm transport public prosecutor: about Bulgarii and large abijah of state of emergency

On Tuesday the new Perm transport public prosecutor in a press - the centre « for the first time has met journalists. Answering questions, Sergey Shutov has told about a course of investigation of the largest tragedies and the state of emergency, happened in Prikamye.


we Will remind: the private four-seater single-motor plane of stamp Cessna on which board was three adults and 10 - the summer child, has failed nearby to territory of the Perm powder mill in November, 2009. At it the engine has refused. The passenger was lost. The consequence upon an air crash is not finished till now. Why?

- Business is in manufacture of the Ural investigatory management on transport, - Sergey Jurevich has explained. - the question on purpose and carrying out of complex aviaexamination is now solved. The plane of foreign manufacture, therefore is certain difficulties under the analysis of some details, participation in investigation of foreign experts.

- And than has ended with state of emergency   with an air bus of airline Lufthansa which flied from Ekaterinburg to Frankfurt and has crash-landed in Perm? (the Commander has requested landing from - for smoke blanketing in a tail part of the plane, in kitchen branch. It was then found out that the smoke has gone from a faulty box for a food warming up. - Avt .) .

- the Air bus has been safely moved to Germany, there is dosledstvennaja a check. In such situations a problem of transport Office of Public Prosecutor - maintenance of the rights of citizens. Victims there were not, and those who flied transit and was going to change in Frankfurt on other flights, have immediately sent to Moscow stykovochnymi flights. Other passengers have placed in hostels, have provided with a food, and in the evening on the reserve board which has arrived from Germany, have sent to Frankfurt.


Certainly, at a meeting with the transport public prosecutor journalists have asked about sunk « Bulgariju ».

- All checks which were spent in this season on a sailing charter, were planned. By results of the investigation spent by our Office of Public Prosecutor concerning company management which rented the steam-ship at the Kamsky river shipping company, criminal case has been brought (it is a question of Open Company firm « the Breeze » mediated between the proprietor and the Kazan firm which maintained « Bulgariju » - from the Bus) Under article 201 « Abusing powers ». Business now is in manufacture of transport police.

As already wrote « » the basic investigatory actions by the steam-ship are finished. Inspectors of Investigatory committee of Russia who run business, have authorised to pass a vessel as the main material evidence to responsible storage to the proprietor – Open Society « the Kamsky river shipping company ».

One of these days the steam-ship have deduced from dock of ship-repair factory where it has staid bole three months, and by means of a pusher and plotovoda have towed off in zaton a name of Kuibyshev and have put on a bank. Most likely, after court « Bulgariju » utilise.

One more state of emergency has occurred to steam-ship one month ago, on October, 3rd. At the Perm ship-repair factory « Kama » the steam-ship « has lighted up; Frederik Zholio - Kjuri » only - only come back from navigation. As it was found out, on a boat deck there was a short circuit in lamp conducting.

- On this fact till now there is a check, term is prolonged for 30 days. After that the question on criminal case excitation will be solved. I want to add that before new navigation all vessels which leave in flight will be checked. In their Perm edge more than 150 – it both passenger, and cargoships.

the INQUIRY « »

Sergey Jurevich Shutov. Has ended the Chelyabinsk state university on a speciality « jurisprudence ». Worked in bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area. Then - in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kurgan region on different posts: from the inspector to   the assistant to the public prosecutor. Year was in official journey to the Chechen republic after that has passed in the device of the Ural transport Office of Public Prosecutor. Last post before moving to Perm - the Serovsky transport public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area. It is married.