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In Kirov to call police it is possible, simply having pressed the button

this year in Kirov project realisation « proceeds; the Safe city ». Within the limits of this program in a city establish video observation chambers, and as buttons of an emergency call of militia. For it it is allocated by 11,9 million rbl.

And this project has been confirmed already about five years ago. To realise it have begun in 2007. And here today in Kirov 58 observation cameras already work. And in places of mass abiding of citizens 46 devices of a safety communication with police are established. And a part from them stand in linear departments, in police points. And here such 11 buttons are that is called, in the general access.

- Certainly, now many have mobile phones. And if something happens, employees call by phone. But if, God forbid, the mobile have stolen to call the squad it is possible, having pressed the button of an emergency call, - speak in a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Kirov region.

it is concrete

Where there are emergency buttons


  Lenin area

1. A checkpoint « Hladokombinata » street Maklina, 73 - and


May Day area

2. RTS « Kazantip » street Proletarian, 17

3. The security enterprise « the Ajax » Freedom street, 96 -


October area

4. Pavilion of colours, street of Lomonosov, 37

5. The security enterprise « KOP » Tsiolkovsky`s street, 10

6. The security enterprise « the Leader - protection » Tsiolkovsky`s street, 11

7. The security enterprise « Argus » street of Engels, 53

8. The security enterprise « Russia » street of Engels, 64

9. The security enterprise « OTSM » the October prospectus, 18


New Vjatsky area

10. Shopping centre « Elena » the item Iridescent, the prospectus of Builders, 2

11. A booth « Vegetables - fruit » street Soviet, 17