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Birches stand gold - the winter will be late and severe

All other trees in Vladimir stand for a long time naked - have fallen down both maples, and aspens,   davnym - for a long time - a poplar, more recently - oaks, only which - where still stand in the turned yellow needles of a larch. And birches, likely, have decided that the winter will not be - do not fall down, and all here.

- it is beautiful! - townspeople smile, walking under the prospectus of Builders under gold branches. And here peasants would not countenance them. For the peasant a yellow birch in November - a sad show. On all national signs a late leaf fall - to a difficult year. Snow will lay down at a distant day - badly for winter, and for the future spring ploughed land badly. And the winter will be long and severe, with strong frosts. And if the foliage from birches by the first snow also not completely flies is to a poor harvest. By the way, not only Russian, but also German national proverbs promise after a late leaf fall severe winter.

However, the birch cannot be such the exact indicator for national signs. At it the longest period of a leaf fall among all trees of a midland - about two months passes from occurrence of the first yellow leaflet to full otpada foliage. But on a birch the people predict the next spring: if leaves have started to turn yellow with a tree top, the spring will be early, from below - late. Who remembers, from what party turned yellow in this autumn of a birch?