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Deputies have discussed work of police and a problem of the deceived shareholders

Videocameras to us will help

Current year for its department develops   uneasy. As a result of reorganisation city police staff was reduced to 22 %. But territorial points of police in microdistricts Jurevets, the Communard and Orgtrud that became possible thanks to the city target program on preventive maintenance of offences have thus opened.

Speaking about the statistican of work of policemen, Alexander Razov has underlined that all without an exception indicators which characterise police work, in Vladimir above average figures both across Russia, and on TSFO.

- police Priorities – it, first of all, protection of interests of needy citizens, - was underlined by colonel Razov. So, the quantity of thefts in garden fellowships was reduced by efforts of policemen with 146 one year ago to 46 for 9 months of current year. The mounted police has detained 27 criminals, having opened the offences made by them.

head goruvd and work of combatants Has noted. The factory team « became the best DND cities; Tochmash » and the best among settlements – settlement DND Wood.

the quantity of road accident &ndash Was reduced; on 13 % in comparison with the same period of last year, but figure – the unfavourable: 472. In them 32 persons (for comparison &ndash were lost; for this period in a city 18 murders) are made.

At the same time Alexander Razov has paid attention and that the quantity of robberies and car stealings has grown that is in many respects connected with « activity » guest performers from the next regions, and also with carelessness of owners of the property, especially – economic objects.

Not all heads of the enterprises are ready to be spent for equipment by videocameras which bring invaluable advantage in city scales. This year chambers of external supervision into the square at Recreation centre of youth and on departures from a city towards Suzdal and Mostostroja have been placed. Till the end of the year video observation will be conducted on all without an exception entrances to a city, chambers also will completely equip the historical centre – from an ice cold Mount to the area of Frunze.

« Game clubs – as a tumour »

the Separate serious problem is made by the social swindle the most defenceless people &ndash become which victims; pensioners, aged citizens.

And also – 680 enterprises on the city territories trading in alcohol.

- Near them – always the intensity centres, and a problem alkogolizatsii societies it is sharp more than ever! Every fifth crime is made in an alcohol intoxication, - the chief of the city Department of Internal Affairs has informed.

Despite of everything, game clubs continue to function illegally. In the beginning of their year was 58, after the work spent by city police remains 17.

Sergey Saharov, the mayor, has about it added:

- From January till April of this year 99 % of game clubs have been closed. But they – as a tumour: are able to adapt. Here to us each signal, each call is important to react. And we will achieve that 100 % of game institutions will be closed!

Alexander Razov has put end the information that for 5 years in Vladimir there was a criminality decrease on 40 %. And a city police problem – that the next 5 years life in a city became even more safe.

to Build on « to Rules »

Further deputies have considered and have confirmed basic change in the decision which concerns the deceived shareholders.

For today the first ground area is generated and ready to competition, for the building bill on which the first of the long list of victims can solve the problems.

Management of architecture, building and ground resources has made offers which have been in detail considered at session of profile committee.

Sergey Saharov has explained sense of brought changes:

is a decision establishes game rules which are necessary also to the investor - to the builder, and to shareholders. We started with intention to help the deceived shareholders. The legal points of view, in t have faced some. ch. Public prosecutor`s, which not on the party of shareholders. But now, thanks to the developed mechanism, we can dictate to the builder the size of surcharge on which the deceived people can get a living space in the house on that site which will be received by the investor.

Without discussion have been accepted also new « Land tenure and building rules » which the profile committee of the City Council has very in details considered the day before.

- « Rules » - the live, not stiffened mechanism. After changes in the General plan of a city will be confirmed, changes will be brought and in them. However already now without their acceptance it is impossible to conduct building and investment activity, - the mayor has put end.