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Marian the Magnifier it is surprised by Vladimir Filata`s trouble on negotiations with PKRM

I an island of president Marian the Magnifier has commented on the eve of fear of the colleague on Vladimir Filata`s Alliance which has expressed trouble concerning dialogue between DPM and PKRM. According to Mariana the Magnifier, Filatu could not worry, as negotiating process concerning election of the head of the state became wider, and at the same time more transparent.

  - Voronin wants early election, and I do not want to help it with achievement of this purpose. Now we observe, how PKRM to realise the intentions, tries to use democratic party. Democrats can be mistaken in the dialogue with communists , - prime minister Vladimir Filat has declared.

  - since summer prime minister Filat himself insisted on necessity of negotiations with PKRM, and separate meetings have already begun. It is strange that it disturbs him now when process became wider, - speaker Marian the Magnifier on TV channel Pro Tv Chisinau has responded.


Igor Botsan.

In turn, and political analyst Igor Botsan has declared the day before during transfer Fabrika on Publika TV that it is a question of game at the highest levels an Alliance which protagonist is prime minister Vladimir Filat.

  - I think, it is game because recently mister Filat convinced us that it already half a year speaks about necessity of dialogue with party of communists. When dempartija has entered dialogue with PKRM, also, as it was done by mister Filat in the past summer, he has understood that there is a danger to the Alliance, - has told   Igor Botsan.