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Presidents too have problems

Eks - the president without a roof?

« Agency of the state real estate » which duties include maintenance eks - the president worthy habitation, and was not in time podsuetitsja and to find Zatlersu a suitable shelter. And in that house in the centre of Riga where there live the former presidents Guntis Ulmanis and Vaira Vick - Frejberga, empty seats are not present for a long time...

the government has considered necessary statutory acts according to which not the elite for the second term president Valdis Zatlers can count on the apartment provided by the law through ones and a half - two years, has informed portal Nozare. lv the representative of agency Dajga Laukshtejna.

According to the legislation, competition on apartment purchase, then, after acquisition at first will be declared, it will repair, and new competition - at first on project working out, and then on building will follow.

Laukshtejna has told that all this time of Zatlers will be provided with habitation on « to a time variant » - most likely, it will be apartment rent the payment for which will make no more than 1 200 latov (2 400 dollars) in a month.

And the country without the first lady?

With the newly elected president, Andris Berzinshem, other situation. It appears, it does not consist with the companion of life (which almost for 30 its years is more younger) in official marriage, and it means that the country remained without the first lady!

As the expert concerning etiquette and the report of Irma Kalninja considers, it can call serious problems. « a situation very fragile. Now full complications. Such status of the companion of the new president complicates all even more » - has noted Kalninja in transfer Labr and #299; t, Latvija.

According to Kalnini, official duties at the spouse of the head of the state are not present, though she should participate in inauguration ceremony. However report requirements extend only on official spouses.

« During foreign visits the president can solve, a leah to take with itself the spouse. In some countries (as now in Serbia, for example) the wife remains houses because there are small children. But at us other situation. The president does not live in marriage » - has noted the expert.

Kalninja recognised that « civil » marriage is a question of private life of the president, but at the same time it will inevitably affect an image of Latvia and its leader.

« it is important to think, as ourselves feel in such situation. The first lady at us it will not be exact. Sozhitelnitsa this function cannot carry out. It would be healthy, if we have thought over positively » - she has declared.

« Also it would be good, if the president in a case did not have any skeletons. After all they most of all interest a local and foreign press …. We by own strength should help, that the image of the president was positive » - Kalninja has told.

On the first official a press - conferences Andris Berzinsh recognised that it will be not constantly not accompanied by the first lady. « when it will be extremely necessary, we will provide it, but, as a whole, I am going to fulfil duties one » - he has declared.

And in some days other, juicier details were found out also.

again selected president Andris Berzinsh asserts that it has three children: two - from the terminated marriage and one - from not registered relations. It has given the same data in the declaration on incomes. Meanwhile it transfers many years money to the former employee of Tsesissky branch SGD. The woman recognised that it is the alimony, writes portal Pietiek. com.

if it is valid so, Berzinsh has broken requirements of rules of the cabinet and the Law on prevention of the conflict of interests as officials are obliged to specify all children.

According to the data of the Register of inhabitants, possible daughter Berzinsha now 21 year. From its declaration 56 - to summer mother follows that in 2003 Berzinsh has presented to it 300 latov, and in 2005 payments became much more (2 200 latov). They are issued as « means for expenses ». In 2006 it has received from Berzinsha 2 500 latov, in 2007 - 3 700 latov and 1 000 US dollars, in 2008 - 2 170 latov, in 2009 - 5 450 latov.

Berzinsh has not wished to comment on the given facts.