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The Amur Office of Public Prosecutor has thought up how to struggle about the Internet - a casino

the Judgement three such offices (Open Company « TD « the Aurora » Open Company « the Alpha - Status Invest » and Open Company « Remmaster ») are covered in Blagoveshchensk, one more (Open Company « the Gold Smash hit ») - In Belogorske. And it only for last three days. In May - June similar decisions were taken out tens times, more often in Blagoveshchensk, Belogorske and Tynda.

It is a new coil of struggle against gamblings. Like already all to one game machines severe men in shape would withdraw, have sealed up and have destroyed. To live fast and money to the Amur compulsive gamblers there was no place. On the contrary. Computer clubs under familiarly bright signboards have bred still in bolshem quantity. In such clubs for a payment access to the Internet is given. And in the Worldnet there are specialised sites on gamblings. Actually – this same casino. And practically, from the point of view of the law to catch them for a hand difficult.

- it is direct founders of sites in Priamure is not present. More often such sites are created abroad. Involve them in liability of infringement of the Russian law in that case we cannot. It is difficult to catch and local businessmen   On the fact of participation in the organisation of gamblings. The employees of Office of Public Prosecutor inspecting, should possess deep knowledges of this sphere, - the public prosecutor of department of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Amur region Elena Korostoshavets speaks .

But the exit has been found. Numerous Open Companies cover for infringement of absolutely other law. Businessmen aspiring to dishonest earnings « forget » to obtain the licence for granting of a telecommunication service. That is take money for access to the Internet they absolutely illegally. Also punishes court for such wrongdoing severely: activity of such clubs does not stop at all – stops.

One misfortune. How to struggle with offices which have a licence for granting of services the Internet while nobody knows.

And as though you have suggested to struggle with gamblings?