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In Stavropol Territory will toughen control over animal industries production

last year edge was in a fever from the African plague literally - almost each two months in different areas were registered new cases of flash of dangerous illness. It is less than for a year it was necessary to destroy more than 30 thousand goals of pigs. The edge has incurred mullions-strong losses. Many personal farmer farmsteads were ruined. In the beginning of year the history has repeated... Alas, except a plague, there are more many illnesses which not only are ruinous for economy, but also are dangerous to people: brutsellez, a tuberculosis,   a salmonellosis. Elementary non-observance of the sanitary code becomes very frequent the reason of distribution of an infection. To regain control over situation, in February of this year the regional authorities have passed the new law « About maintenance veterinary and epizooticheskogo well-being ». The main point of the law says that now cattle slaughter needs to be spent exclusively in specialised places - slaughter-houses where all sanitary code will be observed. Meat on a place will check vetvrach, and to the owner will give out the inquiry on quality for the further realisation of a product. The visitor has told about it « » - Vyacheslav Marchenko, the head of department of veterinary science of edge.

- Our problem - to check security of cattle-breeding production, - he has told. - that to the consumer qualitative and safe production,   has arrived; it is important, that slaughter of animals has been correctly organised. Till now private traders hammered in animals in court yard, in forest belts. With acceptance of the new law, I hope, the situation will improve.

Now in territory of edge of 136 slaughter-houses. All of them private. Many of them, of course, are in a depressing status. So while will carry out the law difficultly.

- During half a year all slaughter-houses should result in an appropriate kind, - Vyacheslav Marchenko has promised.

the face Mechanism as veterinary surgeons speak, will be simple enough. To hand over a livestock on a slaughter-house and to receive meat with the inquiry from vetvracha, will enough call on   the nearest slaughter-house and to call the expert. An animal will take away, will cut and will return to the owner in a corresponding kind and with the necessary documents.

such service from 300 to 700 roubles for slaughter of one head will Cost.

It is inexpensive... The law will simplify procedure, and production will make more safe, -   the main veterinary surgeon of edge is assured. - as to the prices for meat the gallop will not be. Now, to put meat on the market, businessmen spend not less time and means.