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All cannot be made alone, there should be a command!

« I am not afraid of responsibility … »

you the person in this management company new …

Yes, has passed literally month since I have taken of this position. It is the big responsibility, but I am ready to use the best efforts, that in houses of October area was comfortably and adequately. I hope that all arising questions will be resolved in reasonable, short terms, and our cooperation with tenants will be fruitful.

And what impressions of work at you have arisen for a month in this post?

In housing - municipal services I not the beginner. Before I worked in other management company on a position of the financial director so I am well enough familiar with the basic problems. The previous management has given me good range for improvement of life of citizens of October area, but already now many processes are put there well. In area it is tidied well up -   in that sector which is served by our company, entrances and court yard are qualitatively cleaned, I made recently a detour. It is necessary to tell that the October area on the area enough big, grasps a park zone, area Dark blue stones and reaches Koltsovo. In area not the new buildings, one of houses at us even 1917 of construction, a lot of old, but enough well-groomed houses, and UK this habitation worthy for residing tries to make houses also.

And a leah is not present at you sensation, what you have thrown on an embrasure in problem area? Usually directors UK – men with iron character which communicate rigidly enough …

Certainly, work leaves not so a lot of time for dialogue with inhabitants of October area, but at me reception on Mondays in second half of day is organised. At me two children, twins of 4 years so life has taught me to use time effectively. I am not afraid of responsibility, is well organised and I consider that the woman can introduce the creative approach and the sincere relation to people in this work. Women can and should work in this sphere, and do it most advantageously.

And on a broader scale branch uneasy and many-sided, here it is necessary to be simultaneously the economist, the lawyer, it is good to understand building technologies, to be a few politician and the psychologist, and it is supposed that it is all it is impossible to make alone, there should be a command. I work recently in this UK, and already is now glad to that collective which has got to me in the inheritance, but also in it changes are inevitable, after all the branch develops, and those questions which for many long years had time to set the teeth on edge, are resolved, appear new problems. For example, the power savings about which now speak much, are serious investments, technical and technological changes, no less than qualitative improvement of life of people.

in What part of area the Management company housing - municipal services of October area is engaged? All area?

Is not present, area serve a little UK, different under the characteristics. In our management there is basically a central part of area. Is at us and problem sites, and no means always those questions and misunderstanding which arise, can and should associate with ours UK. Such territory is difficult for management, in area there are people who participate in operations literally, anyway, so it is described in a press. I sympathise with tenants who face unfair competition UK, becoming hostages of their struggle.

the Payment for the lift – a very heavy question?

(a call to studio) My name is Vladimir. I would like to learn, why inhabitants of the ground floors pay for the lift?

it is valid, long enough time inhabitants of the ground floors did not pay such service as the lift, was considered that they to it do not use. But that in receipts on payment there is such line, concerns not rendering of this service, and the house characteristic as a whole. And if the house is equipped by the lift, tariffs for its operation are established by local governments taking into account this factor. The contract with specialised contract organisation so, there are the expenses demanding financing consists. If for you the payment seems burdensome, it is necessary to spend general meeting of tenants and to make the decision, what payment will be raised and from whom. In the presence of the report and the decision of such meeting, the question will be considered UK, and the payment can be corrected. But it is necessary to understand that besides UK to you it is necessary to convince and all other tenants – what use the lift and do not wish to pay for it more, instead of those who does not use.

We UK till the end of the year as the pilot project gathers   to leave to tenants with the financial planning offer the next year, that the company reported any more upon the made works and the suffered expenses but also to involve proprietors in managerial process by the habitation. As to lifts, here there is an analogy – When it is necessary to vote, for example, for the roof major repairs, tenants of the top floors appear the most interested.

(a call to studio) My name is Elena Nikolaevna. If there are debts under the rent, a leah has the right UK to forbid to put to me counters? Or them will not connect, while I will not extinguish debts?

Installation of individual devices of the account – it is a tendency which is now supported, including, and authorities that is reflected in legislative documents. Conducting the account of resources both at apartment level, and at house level – this one of the most serious actions for power efficiency improvement. But installation of counters does not carry a binding character, it is possible to recommend it only. And inhabitants have the right to establish or not to establish account devices. If you have decided to establish the counter, and it brings for the majority of apartments notable economy at payment of utilities, you are converted into any organisation as which will consider worthy. They will put you account devices, and during this moment the data on your debts is simply absolutely not accessible and is not analyzed in any way. And already after that you need to be converted in UK that the counter has been placed in operation, sealed up and accepted to the account. We have a practice, on which at any reference of the inhabitant in UK we analyze its debts to lead explanatory discussion about necessity to pay in time. But anyway, the debts cannot minister the reason for refusal in carrying out of any actions from party UK.

(a call to studio) My name is Olga Lvovna, the pensioner. Me two questions interest. Under the new decision a payment for obshchedomovoe electricity consumption will be raised from square metre. A leah correctly it? And from what article money for face lifting at an entrance undertake: from major repairs or from the habitation maintenance?

Face lifting – work, as a rule, flowing if there is a replacement more than 50 % of the engineering equipment or it will be mentioned more than half of building designs, most likely, it is capital repairs. If less – flowing, article is not allocated for it as - that especially, it enters into a payment for the habitation maintenance. New amendments to the housing code, most likely, will lead to that operating repair will be co-ordinated also with tenants.

In the relation obshchedomovogo current consumption, 354 decision regulates that calculation formulas are led to the areas. Accordingly, the areas of premises will be that size which will influence on obshchedomovye items of expenses, and, not only the electric power. And under this decision, also uninhabited premises also are considered.

« It is necessary either agree, or to ask for leave from work »

to Periodically all tenants notification messages about forthcoming meetings of proprietors come. And there it is written that « if you do not come to the meeting, will be considered that you have voted « for ». But general meetings as though specially, pass in the working days and during working time. These are conditions at which the normal working person cannot simply vote …

General meeting of proprietors of habitation is called so just because proprietors and make important decisions, including, and on how to hold these meetings – in what format, the regulations and during what time. And the meeting will be spent till that time, the necessary quorum will not be collected yet, and participants cannot be voiced on all questions. And UK in the course of the meeting organisation – Only the assistant, instead of the initiator. There are the questions which decision demands presence of all tenants. But also to operate houses it is impossible without the professional approach, and people will be all the same urged to be converted to UK, TSZH. And still it is impossible to withdraw completely from management of own real estate, therefore sometimes it is necessary to agree with tenants about meeting transferring for time convenient by all, or to ask for leave from work.

(a call to studio) My name is Nina Fedorovna. According to the decision 491, proprietors of habitation should confirm the list of works, their cost, volume and etc. taking into account offers of management companies. For all years in spite of the fact that we did corresponding inquiries, these offers were not given to us. A leah will be carried out now this decision?

UK will offer proprietors financial plans in the end of this year. But at us in management of 434 houses, and this process can be stretched the next year. But, anyhow, we will pass this procedure necessarily.

Already again we try   to understand, a leah is necessary to us such structure, as RITS (the Regional information centre – a comment red .) . For UK and for simple consumers of services this innovation is useful or to the contrary?

RITS – this agency which now offers in the market housing and utilities manufacturing of receipts, formation of payment orders, gathering of payments and their transfer in resursosnabzhajushchie to the organisation. In territory of Ekaterinburg other organisation &ndash for a long time already works; Open Company « the Uniform financial settlements centre » and we as UK use its services. RITS – it simply alternative to that UK did these processes independently. As well as for any service, two things &ndash here are important; the price and quality. To whom to pay – this question should not mention the end user, and UK will choose by such principle that it was not more expensive ERTS and precisely is not worse.

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