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Military pensioners can receive habitation in Murmansk area

the Housing question in Murmansk area, especially in its capital, remains sharp already long time. New apartments does not appear, and old roads from - for great demand. Military men in this situation frequently suffer affliction more than the others. Urged during service to huddle in office apartments, after its termination they have the right to reception own « squares ». But examples of the successful permission of this question among military men much less, than red tape and long expectation. Till January, 1st, 2005 the law granting the right by the military man on participation in the housing programme operated. Then left the Housing code and the program have curtailed. In 2006 - the m has appeared the order of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation 215, defined categories of the citizens having the right to housing certificates. As a result, someone counts own « squares » Under one statutory act, someone - on another: because the situation less simple did not become.

it is possible, as - that will allow to resolve its new regional order of formation of lists of the citizens who are discharged from military service and standing in a queue for apartments. It However, will concern only those who has decided to remain in the Polar region.

- Lists are the basis for maintenance with habitation of the citizens who were registered in quality needing habitation in local governments to 1. 01. 2005 for habitation reception in territory of Murmansk area. Apartments for them will be bought from the federal budget, - have informed in the regional ministry of building and territorial development. - today on the account 90 families of military pensioners consist. However from them only 56 families have passed a re-registration and have selected the maintenance form their habitation.

it is fast on this category of persons included in a waiting list money from the federal centre will come. It is expected that there will be it within a month. The regional government should be defined until then how to dispose of means: to build habitation or to give out to citizens single monetary payments.

- On the one hand, it is a step forward, - the senior ensign Irina Tsvetkova from Vidjaeva considers. - For those who costs in turn of ten years, is a chance of the situation permission. But besides given decision does not extend on those who has served the and wants to leave the Polar region. Again comes it is time expectations …

By the way, those former military men that nevertheless have managed this summer to celebrate house warming out of Murmansk area, have faced with « container » a problem. It was found out that in capital of the Polar region there are the most demanded no three - and five-ton containers. As a result at some citizens sitting on suitcases (in literal sense) was stretched for a week. Now the situation is authorised at the expense of delivery of containers from St.-Petersburg.

Unfortunately, prestige of military service in the country thanks to such here to incidents it (is softly told) will not grow precisely. Not only that you suffer burdens and deprivations together with a family in process, and then you can not take away merited …