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The NATO admitted murder of peace citizens

the North Atlantic alliance has published the statement in which recognised that during bombardments of Tripoli the apartment house that has led to victims among the peace population has been destroyed.

we Will remind, past Sunday victims of an air raid on the Libyan capital of a steel of 9 persons. The position of fighting rocket installations was the purpose of air blow, but from - for failure in arms system one of ammunition has not amazed the set purpose, and has got to an apartment house, is explained in the NATO statement.

As informs the Air Forces, the bomb has got to a three-storyed building which is located on suburb Tripoli, in 1,5 kilometres from military airdrome. The authorities have shown to journalists of 5 bodies of the lost peace citizens. The authorities of Libya consider that the alliance intentionally bombs apartment houses, and also residence Muamara Kaddafi.

The day before under bombardments the son and juvenile grandsons of the leader Libyan dzhamahirii was lost.

- the NATO regrets in connection with  destruction of innocent civilians and accepts all necessary safety measures in blows on objects of a mode which makes violence against own citizens, - the commander of alliance operation « has declared to journalists; the Incorporated defender » the general - lieutenant Charles Bushar. - the NATO will regret, if investigation of this incident specifies that the NATO weapon was its reason.