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Many zabajkaltsy with tears in the face of remember till now the first day of war

At early pre-dawn o`clock I has woken up, the sun already shone. And on a shower was so well, and the main thing is quiet. And here I have remembered, and after all 70 years ago   the Great Patriotic War has begun. I have there and then looked at the window and have started to represent: Hardly the brightening sky at dawn, among already grown dull stars of night suddenly there were any new, unprecedented stars. Unusually bright and multi-coloured, as fireworks fires – that red, green, – they were not motionless, but slowly and is unceasing floated here, laying the way among dying away night stars. They have covered with themselves all horizon and together with their occurrence therefrom, from the West,   the roar of set of motors has reached.

It seems, so poetically told to me at school about the war beginning. I have tried to listen attentively to noise of driving cars and to be transferred to 41 year:

- This roar quickly accrued, filling with itself all around, and at last, multi-coloured sparks have floated in the sky over a head patrol, crossing a hidden line of air border. Hundreds German planes with lighted onboard fires have promptly intruded in   Soviet Union.

« the HELL   PITCH »

so Alexander Mihajlovich Fedulin the front-line soldier &ndash names the first days of war; zabajkalets.

- on fifty planes attacked simultaneously and dumped bombs with sirens. The reality during such moments disappeared, turned to darkness from the earth lifted on end, shouts and a roar of the broken off bombs, groans and horror on persons of dying people. At me from memoirs till now murashki on all body run. Such should not be! - having squeezed fists, the front-line soldier speaks.

- on June, 22nd, 1941 we with boys drove in football. I was the goalkeeper and was afraid to pass an important ball as the voice in a megaphone was suddenly distributed: « All immediately to gather on a central square! ». Here so the childhood, games has ended, war has begun. Already next day has received the summons in army, - Nikolay Ivanovich Danko remembers.

Nikolay Ivanovich Danko the veteran of the Great Patriotic War.
a photo: from family archive N. And. Danko

Some veterans of the Great Patriotic War have gone on front later owing to age. George Trofimovich Suturin has been called on service in 1942. When to it have brought the summons, he has exclaimed:

- At last - that, how much, it is possible to sit, slozha hands! Around hunger, fear, horror, inexplicable stirring for relatives and simply thirst of justice... To you now it not to understand. Struggle, fights and again struggle, fights … Nobody hid, all went forward … And around the tanks, the wounded people, and the, both enemies, and belief in victory.

Having talked to veterans about war, I have remembered that the grandmother`s sister too the front-line soldier – has there and then called it and, having learnt that she`s fine, has calmed down. And about war she has not wanted to talk to me has told only:

- Has passed 70 years, and I all to crying as though it was yesterday, - with bitterness in a voice have told Praskovja Egorovna Firsova.

I go to the native edition on crude streets from a yesterday`s rain, the sun shines, children frolic, and I can not believe that half a century ago boys and little girls too where - that hurried on the affairs full of strength, and upon them has fallen … war. And fear, a cold, death, steel experiences by their companions for some years. Belief in victory teplila their hearts.

- Never, for a second I did not doubt victory, Alexander Mihajlovich Fedulin speaks.

- As you have learnt about victory? - I have asked the grandmother.

- Have woken up at night from shouts « Victory, victory, victory. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! » and all so became silent, peacefully - that is. Around light have lighted, and allow to walk. The people also laughed and cried because of happiness. The happiness was the real.

Praskovja Egorovna, truzhenitsa back has met Victory in Czechoslovakia.

On the right in a photo of Praskovja Egorovna.
the Photo: from family archive Praskovi Egorovny.

As veterans speak to defeat it it was necessary – huge love for the country, patriotism and belief in victory. And still all in a voice have told, it is necessary what to live for the sake of others, to be a single whole – Russia.