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As I worked as the taxi driver in Vladivostok

This feast the practical each motorist selecting the passenger from a roadside, basically, can mark. Than it not the taxi driver? But all - taki rightfully to join a feast, it is necessary to work before in the taxi company. As the correspondent « has made; ».  

« a leah you Consider necessary to bathe in a pool »  

-   25 is? The driver`s experience of more than three years? – has first of all taken an interest very young kadrovichka when I have come to ask for work for one of the Vladivostok firms. By the way, an affirmative reply on these two questions was quite enough for employment. However, it was necessary more to fill two questionnaires. One - standard with an autobiographical bias. And here the second povergla me in amazement. I looked through points and not always believed eyes.

  « a leah you Consider necessary, seeing, what in a pool the car has sunk, to sweep on the same pool, dousing all splashes? »

« a leah you Consider normal to dart off with squeal of tyres, and into turns to enter, pulling a manual brake? »

« If to you have not paid, a leah you consider necessary to catch up with the offender and to fill to it a muzzle, having called on help of friends? »

« a leah Necessarily during movement to cut other cars? »

Seeing that I am going to burst out laughing, kadrovichka have seriously noticed:

- do not smile! We should face such situations almost every day. For work the most different people come, all on adequacy will not check up.

And it is a pity, it was thought to me.  

Always owe two thousand roubles  

Under the contract I subscribed not so willingly. Cars in the companies so to bear responsibility for another`s kindly it is necessary to me.

- the Tyre you will punch - pay from the pocket. The main thing - in road accident not to walk smack. If will prove that thy fault, - besides most it is necessary to get out, - new colleagues warn me.

Change begins in 10 mornings, and comes to an end in 11. 00, only next days. Nda, 25 hours to drive to me it was not necessary yet on end. However, there are two breaks on half an hour. It turns out, my employers not such beasts.

very much guarded contract point according to which I in the end of change should give 30 percent of a gain, but not less   two thousand roubles. And if I do not earn them? Not the fact that clients for me in turn will become. The prospect to pay extra to firm from the pocket at all did not seduce.

- Also remember: It is impossible to be converted to clients « the young man » « the girl » « the woman » « the man » - instruct me before change. Is can offend.

- it is interesting, and how to them to be converted? - I was puzzled.

- In any way.

  But such variant has seemed to me not too polite. And I have thought up for myself universal « Forgive, instead of you could »?  

So, the change beginning. I start with Kotelnikova. Has not passed also ten minutes as there were my first clients. More correctly, clients. Two girls are late for examination in university. They adjust all road, but I do not give in, piously remembering that for each scratch on a car it is necessary to fork up. We come on the dot. Students pay off and flutter out from the car. While I stand about university in expectation of the following order, I see that in the neighbourhood the driver from the same taxi firm has parked. That affably waves a hand, calls to smoke.

- How much from them has removed? - Asks Misha, watching leave little girls.

- 200, and how much still? - I am perplexed.

- Yes on - it is possible for a miscellaneous, - my colleague crafty smiles. - they asked you, how much should? Well here, means, our quotations do not know, it is possible to throw a fifty-kopeck piece safely.

Armed with this knowledge, I continue change. It is a little orders. So instead of the put two breaks on half an hour at me was one and a half hour lunch.

But by the evening orders fell down in abundance. Hardly I had time to land one passenger as another already flopped on its place.

Clients happen different: grumbling, talkative, thoughtful … To them the approach can be found still. Worse with those who tipsy - all strive to light, and you will start to straighten out - are rude. Drunk taxi drivers have the right to land. But who is rare so arrives - earnings more important.

is closer to we rub to eye o`clock in the morning began to stick together, and I already hardly distinguished road. If urgently I will not drink coffee or energetik, I will fall asleep on the next crossroads. Thanks talkative clients which do not allow to be chopped off. By the morning it was possible to earn 3100 roubles from which two thousand has given to firm. And still it is necessary to subtract 200 roubles which has spent for meal and coffee. Yes, in the rest not densely. Thus I was tired so that from all desires it is necessary only - to sleep one. Hardly I will force itself to go on one change. And on June, 21st and does not become my professional feast.

it is important!

What to do that you have not deceived  

- Before to leave in unfamiliar area, take an interest at somebody or look on a map where there is a necessary street. Otherwise the taxi driver, using your ignorance, can specially go detours to take more money.

- In advance learn from the dispatcher trip cost. Besides, that the taxi driver has not inflated.

- In Vladivostok where movement dense, and roads narrow, quite often happen such situations: the passenger opens a door to leave, and it is taken down by the car driving by. The taxi driver demands to pay for the scratched door. You should not to do it. And here the driver has been obliged to provide your safe disembarkation.

And more. Try to use those taxi companies which have a motor car park. At them it is more reliable than the car, before an exit in flight they are checked by mechanics.

At landing in a taxi pay attention to a status of the driver. Especially at daybreak, when behind shoulders at it daily change. If you see that the taxi driver tired, it drives in a dream, refuse a trip for the sake of own security is better. Any penalties for « a false call » you are not obliged to pay.  

It is insulting

the Companies « throw » clients and to punish them it is difficult

Vladivostoktsy quite often complain that taxi which call by certain o`clock, and do not come.   dispatchers, and not always polite tone, say that they or did not have cars in the given area, or the car has broken. As a result the person can be late for an important meeting or that is even worse, aboard the plane and then loses in money. A leah it is possible to punish the taxi company?

-   Unfortunately, to make firm answerable practically it is not possible, - the lawyer Tatyana Pogorelov explains. – when the person does the order, any written contract does not consist.   something will prove very difficult. Therefore, if you go on important action, it is better to call a taxi at least on an hour earlier. That there was time for maneuvers.

When it is possible not to pay for a trip

- If the driver has placed in salon of other passenger without your permission.

Under the contract it has no right of it to do. Complain in the company. The driver will fine, and from you a payment should not take.

- If the taxi driver deviates a route.

the Taxi driver is obliged to carry you to destination without additional stops and arrivals on refuelling or on HUNDRED.

- If the driver smokes at your presence.

Well and well!  

the Most surprising finds in a car  

Taxi drivers of Vladivostok regularly search for owners of purses, bags, umbrellas and the mobile phones left forgetful clients. But come across among finds and unique copies.

- the Human bone. The parcel with an exhibit has forgotten medical students.

-   Expensive mink fur coat in store packing. By the way, it was necessary to search for the mistress still. She has noticed not at once loss.

- the Ticket aboard the plane. The client very much hurried up in the airport. On flight all - taki was in time. But in some hours the taxi driver has found in salon the ticket aboard the plane. Probably, it has dropped out, when the client paid off.  

the Joke in a subject

Calls the man in the taxi company and is indignant: - I have called a taxi in time to be in time aboard the plane. You promised to be in time, but the car and has not come! The person on duty apologises: - It is a pity, but we could not find the free car. We will quickly correct our oversight. You do not accept it so close to heart. At present the plane hardly will take off precisely under the schedule. - this morning this plane for certain will not take off under the schedule - I the pilot!