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Doctors recognised not as guilty in death of the patient on a porch of the insurance company

Investigatory committee Tyvy has put an end in the tragic story which has occurred with sick oncology. We will remind, we wrote about a shocking case when the man sick of a cancer has died on a porch of the insurance company of Joint-Stock Company « the Capital - medical insurance ».

It was at the doctor on reception, and that, posmoterv the policy, has seen that the document is delayed and ordered to prolong it. The patient has gone at once to the insurance company...

Under stories of insurers, they have come for work and have found out Vladimir Veselov already dead. Investigatory management of investigatory committee Tyvy has begun hospital official check in which the man was treated. Physicians suspected in neokazanii to the patient supposedly have sent prodljat the policy instead of treating.

- From what there has come death, is exact   Not it is not known, - told then a press - the secretary Investigatory upravl   enija Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation on RT Alla Nursad. – Probably, case under articles « will be opened; death causing on   imprudence owing to inadequate execution by the person of the professional duties » and « neokazanie to the patient without valid excuse ».

But check has shown that the fault of doctors in death of the patient is not present. It is established that on April, 18th, 2011 Veselov was converted to experts « the Republican oncological clinic » where consisted on the account, not for treatment, and for prolongation of term of a disability pension. And business was not in the policy: after survey the doctor has directed it on medical - supervisory commission. The commission should pass on April, 19th when the man has died. Probably, the man it became bad, when it went on the commission. The insurance company on which porch there has come death, has simply appeared on the way. We will remind that it was early morning when the office of insurers has been closed.  

- It is judicial - medical examination has concluded that Veselov`s death has come from a lung cancer, - Alla Nursad explains today. -   Besides, up until that time the man repeatedly refused hospitalisation, and 3 times autocratically left, almost from an operational table.