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How much threatens the doctor who has not assisted the small patient - will solve court

As we already wrote, this history stirs townsmen of Petrovsk - Transbaikalian from last year. In August, 2010 in settlement the Meat-packing plant there was a tragedy in a family of Misajlovyh where grew and lives children - twins rejoiced. Then the three-year girl playing in a court yard with the brother, has unintentionally overturned on itself a butt with water. From it Kariny had a liver rupture, an extensive hemorrhage, gemoperitoneum, simply a blood congestion in a belly cavity. The girl immediately delivered in regional hospital, but there was nobody to survey it - the children`s doctor was drunk.

After a year parents at last - that have waited the bill of particulars concerning the doctor, guilty in death of their daughter. On June, 16th, 2011 the interdistrict public prosecutor has confirmed the bill of particulars on criminal case concerning 40 - summer children`s surgeon Petrovsk - Igor Mashukova`s Transbaikalian central regional hospital.

It is accused of death causing on imprudence 3 - the summer girl owing to inadequate rendering to it medical aid.

- on August, 21st, 2010 parents of the child have started houses washing. The father has brought on a trolley a butt with water in volume about 60 litres and   has left it in a court yard where the girl played with the brother - the twin. Thus it has approached to capacity with water and   has unintentionally overturned it on itself. All has occurred so unexpectedly and   quickly that the parents who were nearby not   had time to undertake anything for misfortune prevention. In hospital the child has arrived with a stupid trauma of a stomach in 40 minutes after accident. Doctor on duty Mashukov has undertaken certain actions on survey of the patient, however appropriate treatment not   has organised. In a time interval from 02:00 to 05:00 o`clock in the morning on August, 22nd, 2010 when the status of the girl has sharply worsened, he slept in ordinatorskoj. As a result of inactivity of the doctor on duty - the surgeon, not   fulfilled the duty, small   the girl was lost, - interdistrict public prosecutor Alexander Budaev has told.

later 12 hours, during the investigation of circumstances of death of the child, have been spent survey of Mashukova at which it is established that it was in a status of easy alcoholic intoxication. The doctor already says that has drunk after death of the girl, that « to fill in » the experiences.

But mother Galina insists that at the moment of arrival to hospital Igor Mashukov was already deranged and has refused rendering assistance to the girl, having told: « Now all will pass ».

- And when my daughter began to be spitted by blood, on all my arrangements to make though something, he has told: « Calm down you, it not blood! »

During the investigation of criminal case not   it was possible to establish absolutely authentically that Mashukov on watch, during reception and   survey of the girl, it was drunk. Therefore, according to the public prosecutor, this fact will not be used in the bill of particulars.

The doctor has explained the inactivity by what not   has managed in due time   to estimate a situation, and also to make laparotomiju from - for absence of the corresponding equipment and   toolkit in hospital. The doctor was afraid to survey the girl from - that it was in a state of shock.

- My intervention could   to aggravate a status of the patient, - the doctor justified.  

the Head physician of regional hospital tells the return: « In establishment there is all necessary equipment for laparotomii, and   such operations were spent both   to and   after that case ».

- Examination has confirmed that any state of shock of the patient not   can be the basis for neprovedenija necessary treatment, including manufacture laparotomii, - have informed in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge.

Mashukov after a presentation of charge to fault recognised completely and   has declared that repents and   regrets for the happened. Here only the child already you will not return …

he has refused evidence, having exercised the right, to fixed items 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. He also has declared the petition for criminal case consideration in a special order of legal proceedings, that is without proceeding.

will watch the further succession of events.