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The president of Yemen is going to return to spite of opposition

the President of Yemen Ali Abdalla Saleh which have left limits of the country in connection with fierce collisions of civilians with police, intends to return.

- President Ali Abdalla Saleh will come back from Saudi Arabia to Yemen forthcoming Friday if within this week there will be no unexpected events, disturbing to it,   -   one of heads of municipality of capital of Yemen has declared to journalists Dignities Yasser Jamani.

Supporters of Saleha already declared the beginning of preparation of actions for a meeting of the president.

we Will remind, antigovernmental performances proceed in Yemen with   February of this year. « revolutionary youth of Yemen » has acted with an appeal to resignation of president Saleha and formation of Transitive revolutionary advice which should incur execution of imperious powers and prepare the new constitution of the country. Also the written statement in which oppositionists have demanded resignation of Saleha and elections of the new president within 60 days has been made. According to some information, during national stirrings some hundreds persons were lost - the police and army divisions rigidly stifle opposition actions, including with fire-arms application.

that Ali Abdalla Saleh comes back in the country, officials have informed for the first time. It has called new protests in circles of the Yemen opposition which declared that Saleh has for ever left the country.