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Militiamen - workmates searched podrabotku in narcobusiness

While one militiamen pass certification and become policemen, others appear at court and receive sentences. The last, fortunately, minority, but nevertheless … In Novosibirsk the sentence to two werewolves in epaulets which dreamt about podrabotke in narcobusiness has come into force.

the Criminal events connected with crew of private security of the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Novosibirsk, developed even in the summer of 2010. On June, 9th the senior of group of detention of Artem Pozhogin and the militiaman - driver Nikolay Kuznetsov were on duty in the street Stanislavsky. There workmates also have seen a doubtful couple – the man and the woman of not so intelligent exterior.

- Police officers have detained them for an establishment of persons, began to examine, check things … And did it with transgression – without understood, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin area Jeanne Leonov tells. – It has appeared that citizens – Kovalevsky and Pershin – stand on the account in law-enforcement bodies. It was found out that the man has not paid penalty, and in a bag the woman had a medical syringe with heroin.

However, on crime disclosing this meeting all the same would not pull. Monetary debts – it not a criminal fault. And a drug at the young lady it has appeared so a little, what even business you will not get (the law registers the minimum quantity of forbidden substance which attracts responsibility). But guards have not become puzzled: if not to flash office success so it is possible to profit at the expense of the become puzzled couple.

Patrolmen have offered: if pay money, in a call centre you we will not carry. And arrested persons have agreed. However, with itself it has appeared a cash very little: 100 roubles at Pershinoj and 700 at Kovalevsky. Having taken away these rather modest savings, workmates have demanded: « Tomorrow bring 5 thousand more ». As pledge of guards of the law have taken away from the man the passport and have said goodbye to the puzzled fans of a potion.

the Impecunious couple did not manage to extract urgently money. And instead of occupying from acquaintances, these two … have gone to a call centre. There also have complained of a crew arbitrariness. Then militian commanders have planned operation: have given to poor fellows one thousand roubles and have prepared a candid camera. With its help overseers of the law began to fix bribe transfer.

there Was it on the Work area. Kovalevsky has brought money. Smiths and Pozhogin have willingly accepted a bribe, having added that in blizhajshchee time hope to receive the debt rest – 4 thousand roubles more. And in addition to it have offered constant cooperation. On court dialogue which has occurred between the militiaman - the driver and the addict has been then quoted.

- You « gerych » it is necessary? – the patrolman has taken an interest.

- Well, certainly! I am constantly pricked. Today, I respond you, I would prick … you See, I not pricked, - responded Kovalevsky.

- You hold with us contact - we to you will be « gerych » to sell, - the militiaman has offered.

Such simply workmates offered the intermediary. That addicts named it points where the potion is on sale, and guards of the law delivered therefrom a drug, relieving « clients » from risk.

the Court was long. As during process Kovalevsky complained of frank threats from protection, was afraid to give evidences. But, eventually, business has reached a sentence. It has appeared loyal – on one and a half year of imprisonment it is conditional.

By the way, under the law for excess of powers of office (for it judged « werewolves ») The guilty could go to jail for four years of real term.

Dear readers! And you could fall a victim of a militian arbitrariness? Or, on the contrary, people in epaulets came to the rescue to you during the most unexpected moments?