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The fast Internet, digital TV and qualitative communication - in one product!

J - MAX - is together cheaper

- Hello, my name is Tatyana. At me a cable television and the Internet from the different companies, it is not so convenient. A leah is at you any package offers to issue all services at once?

- Yes, today « Rostelecom » offers users complex service J - MAX. It includes classical wire telecommunication on modern technology SIP, completely the limitless Internet with good speed on fibre-optical communication lines (technology   FTTB, without use of a telephone line or the modem) and digital interactive television IP - TV with possibility to operate viewing of programs.

- And how much is to connect such service?

- In the presence of technical possibility connection free. Our employee will approach, will adjust the equipment, will teach you to them to use. Cost of a base package makes only 450 roubles a month. The Internet enters into a base package on good speed and not less than 30 television channels. At will of the client for an additional payment it is possible to expand this package. At primary connection for first two months you receive one complete set of the user`s equipment in using free of charge. Further you can or redeem it (at once or by instalments), or to rent (85 roubles a month).

- Good afternoon, my name is Elena Pavlovna. Now tell about advantages optiko - fiber connection to a network the Internet much. And in what these advantages to me as consumer consist?

- Technology FTTB, or as it still name, « optics to a building » Gives the chance high speed access to the Internet and expands a spectrum of the telecommunication services accessible on one line. The technology essence is simple - to each apartment house are laid volokonno - optical cables of communication, and at entrances establish access switchboards to which connect subscribers. Dependence on telephone lines and modems thus disappears.

we Choose channels, films and transfers

- Good afternoon! My name is Sergey. I heard that there was now an interactive television. In what its basic difference from the usual cable?

- In such television the information arrives through optiko - the fiber Internet - a cable and by means of special STB - prefixes will be transformed to TV - a signal. Thus image quality and a sound improves in times. Besides, the interactive digital television differs from   Usual radio and cable variety of additional possibilities. Among them - an electronic program schedule (it is displayed under your requirement of the TV), service « Video on demand » (any cinema from a film library of the operator), etc.

- And how much channels it is possible to connect possibility of a choice of thematic packages of channels, possibility of an establishment of age restrictions on viewing of certain channels (system of parental control)?

- More than 100. 30 from them enter into a base package, but for its additional payment it is possible to expand, having subscribed except « Base » for example, on a package « For adults » « Expanded » or « HD » (high definition channels). The full actual list of channels and tariffs can be learnt on a site www. j - volga. ru, at offices of service of the Samara branch « Rostelecom » Or by phone (846 33 - 77 - 000.

- Hello, my name is Anna.   I would like to connect   interactive television, but at my place 3 TVs. I should pay for everyone a separate monthly fee?

- Is not present, certainly. It is enough to you to use service « multirum ». She allows to broadcast various channels on three TVs on one user`s line at once. The only thing, you will need to connect to each TV separate STB - a prefix.

Rostelecom gives to clients only the checked up, legal content

How to save on phone?

- Good afternoon, Galina Ivanovna disturbs. A daughter with the husband have moved to Germany. To call there it is very expensive. As it is possible   to save on communication, a leah is any tariffs for those who speaks on an international telecommunication much?

- Yes, at « Rostelecom » there are package offers on long-distance and an international telecommunication which will allow to save essentially that who calls in other cities or the countries much. An economy major principle - not to split up means between different operators at various stages of passage of a signal. « Rostelecom » - The unique company in the Russian market which gives all spectrum of a telecommunication service. More you can learn the detail information by phone (846 260 - 69 - 65 or 33 - 77 - 000.

- Hello, me Igor call. I concluded the contract on services limitless   the Internet and a telephony with « VolgaTelekom ». And now heard that this company was a part « Rostelecom ». A leah It is necessary to me to renew the contract and how it can be made?

- Is not present, contracts to renew to you it is not necessary. The Samara branch of Open Society « Rostelecom » - the full heir of Open Society « VolgaTelekom ». By the way, if you use limitless tariffs of our company on a telephony and the Internet you can become the participant of the program « full bezlimit » and to receive completely limitless cellular communication « the Martin ». For this purpose you should be converted into any sales department « Rostelecom » or by phone (846 33 - 77 - 000. Unique restriction - you can in one stage   to talk or on house, or by a cellular telephone.

« the Private office » will allow to operate services distantsionno

- Hello, my name is Julja. A leah tell, please, it is possible to pay for services « Rostelecom » through the Internet?

- Yes, certainly. We save your time and actively we develop services of remote service. It is enough to you to create on a site www. samara. volga. rt. ru « the Private office ». In it you can pay all telecommunication service, access to the Internet and interactive television, to change the password or the tariff plan, to block port, to see statistics the Internet and detailed elaboration of calls and many other things.

- And what to do, if I do not have time to pay in time for the Internet?

- In that case you can use service « the Promised payment ». Within seven days you can use the Internet at negative balance, but in this time you need to recharge. If you and do not pay, access to a network is blocked, and in the future you cannot use this service. To activate this service also it is possible in « the Private office » or in service of technical support by phones: 8 - 800 - 707 - 65 - 65 and (846 263 - 76 - 76.

- Hello, my name is Irina Aleksandrovna. At me children grow, and I am am stirred very much with a question of restriction of their access to the Internet, it is no secret, that a lot of the undesirable information there contains. How it can be made?

- the Question of restriction of access to the undesirable information on the Internet is very important. Providers who pursue economy, stimulate clients to using internal information resources, and the harmful content there can contain. The large supply of channel capacity gives « Rostelecom » technical possibility to give to clients the checked up, legal content from external resources. Besides, we offer our subscribers   services of parental control within the limits of connection of some virus protection packages. Internet users from « Rostelecom » in the Samara region can activate service « the Antivirus » in « the Private office ». We have preferred the checked up products - Kaspersky Internet Securiti 2010   and   Dr. Web.

* 01. 04. 2011 - the Samara branch of Open Society « VolgaTelekom ».