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In Primorski Krai officials four years did not want to give to the veteran which house has collapsed, apartment

Still four years ago the house of veteran Victor Kiselyov from the Find has turned to terrible ruins. Walls has warped, in them huge holes gaped. All pipes have decayed, both the veteran remained waterless and heat. Native at the old man is not present, the wife has buried some years ago.

- I with the wife have lived forty years. Children have not acquired, - the veteran sighs.

the Blessing, last years for the winter friends took away it to live to themselves. Before it came back in the ruins in the spring. But now here it is impossible to be even in the summer. And on a broader scale, it is dangerous to transpass a threshold of the house which can fail any minute.

the First time the veteran has tried to be converted behind the help to local authorities in 2007. Then to it have suggested to rise in city turn on habitation.  

- Has passed year three after that, I have heard on the TV,   That to veterans of war give out new habitation, - Kiselyov remembers. - also has again gone to the mayoralty. But there to me have told that time I have issued donative on habitation it is more to me than nothing it is necessary.

Kiselyov has copied The old house on the grand daughter of the friends which help it to survive last years. Wanted though as - that to thank kind people. To pettifog the veteran has not got used, but here has decided to struggle with officials up to the end. Has gone to Office of Public Prosecutor. Therefrom business have directed to court.

- I also did not believe that the court will rise on my party. And when have told that apartment to me all - taki   it is put, has not restrained, has burst into tears, - Victor Ivanovich admits.

In the war where Kiselyov has got when to it it was hardly executed 18, he most of all dreamt of one - to defeat fascists. And now dreams though in the evening of life to live in normal apartment.

- On a judgement to me should list 1 million 250 thousand roubles. I can buy « odnushku » In the Find, - the veteran speaks. - first of all the purchase of a parrot also I will name its Keshej. Will be together more cheerful.

By the way, officials speak, as would be glad to help the veteran, yes the letter of the law did not allow them.

- After there was a decree of the president about maintenance with habitation of veterans, Kiselyov has issued the contract of donation of habitation on the person, which to it at all the relative. And in the law it is registered that in turn on habitation reception it is possible to put only after five years since the person has made donative, - have told in a press - service of Nahodkinsky administration.  

the House   Victor Kiselyov has turned to terrible ruins
the Photo: Anna DAVYDENKO


In the house good ventilation from - for through holes in walls
the Photo: Anna DAVYDENKO

the Separate opinion  

Jacob of Canas, the chairman of the council of veterans of Vladivostok:

- I as the chairman of city council of veterans, openly I speak: the decree of the president about maintenance of veterans with habitation is exposed to audit of local officials. We even were converted into the All-Russian national fund and have asked to affect officials on places which at times torment veterans.