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the Main thing in work of the taxi driver - to be the psychologist

9 o`clock in the evening, in the street cloudy weather, but it does not frighten us, - our travel begins. We sit down in a taxi and we go across Chita in search of suitable clients.

- to find good passengers, it is necessary to be the excellent psychologist, - driver Alexander advises to me. - looking at people stopping the car, necessarily pay attention, who, so to say, in adekvate and who is not present.

- And as you choose for yourselves clients, - I ask.

- Well, in - the first we, taxi drivers of podstrahovyvaem not to plant in the car of the abnormal. And that you will plant to yourself in the car of the addict or mentally sick, and it is not known that then on the journey will occur. Danger traps continually, if you please - be on guard.


Here at a stop « Kalinka » Stand the guy with the girl, it elegant and with colours, it joyful and with a pie. The driver to me:

  - Look, the couple, for certain in high spirits, and to it will not want to go in public transport, give - ka we will suggest to bring up them, here you will see, will carry, - voodushevlenno Alexander has offered me.

Speed is reduced, and the sight of the driver goes towards pair. The stop, passes minute. The guy whispers something to the companion, she lovely smiles and step by step go to us.

- To us on street Rahova. How much?

- Sit down, 250.

To Rahova it is far, but it is good that in the street evening, and so and, is few stoppers.


In work of the driver of a taxi service I liked that, going on far distances, it is possible to think, think, think … and to dream about something the. I always loved trips. And at present, you only present: on a back seat a loving couple about what – that very quietly coos, music plays, and behind a window shops, cars, trees, people &hellip flash;

Having reached to the appointed place and having landed carried away the friend the friend of passengers we have stopped about shop « At lake ».

- Near trade places always there will be any passenger, - the taxi driver speaks to me.

Indeed, in minutes 15 women have approached to us approximately 35 years, is obvious tipsy and   it is literally in mandative tone have demanded urgently to deliver them in cafe « the Fiesta » located in settlement KSK. And all: the quiet trip on it has ended. Hands inevitably came nearer by midnight, time when in the street the tipsy company looks norm. Fun in all cafes in the heat. So to us has come crept out from cafe a band of cheerful people. It was necessary to go to a city in area of a television centre, kilometres fifteen, it is not less. The road has seemed to the long. Three friends drugged by the drunk charcoal fumes, all road shouted, laughed and asked to add and without that loud music. In general, was any more to reflexions and it would be desirable rest and silence.

Night grew, it would not be desirable to see meticulous passengers any more. Probably, by force of thought together with the driver we have directed a wave to one channel. Further all was quiet.

- On it daily miracles of the taxi driver come to an end. Well can still there will be a couple, two late passengers and everything, - having sighed   Alexander has told. - give I will take away you home.

THAT it is necessary to note to the BEGINNING TAXI DRIVER

Than the trade &ndash is interesting; the taxi driver? What it in herself conceals? And how to struggle with unforeseen circumstances and   undesirable fellow travellers?

Has told « Alexander Malkov:

- In a taxi I work five years. It was first heavy.   and now I have understood that the main thing in work of the taxi driver - to be the psychologist. Already looking at people, I can understand, that from them to expect. But secure is always necessary. There were, of course, unpleasant cases when escaped, without having paid off, or fell asleep drunk, then it was necessary to awake and expel from the car. It is terrible certainly that sometimes drivers are exposed to an attack from any morons, but now like, such cases became less.

- How much at you leaves money for change?

- Well, one thousand - that in a pocket will be exact.

Work of the taxi driver is, of course, calculated on certain nerves. And into rules of taxi drivers enters:

- not to be rude to passengers;

- to know a city;

- to have at itself a trifle (on a delivery case) and good music;

- to be able to help and gain other taxi drivers;

- and the most important thing - strong nerves.