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Murmansk calendar: on June, 20th. The party member about 17 years compensated to the former wife a material damage

on June, 20th.

Affairs of bygone days. And this time « affairs » in uzkosudebnom sense of this word. 82 years ago - on June, 20th, 1929 - the newspaper « Polar truth » under a heading « In court » has published the report under the claim of the inhabitant of Leningrad of Anna Filippovoj. I will result it bodily.

« Anna Filippova has unexpectedly received the letter from the ex-husband Grigory Pimenova from whom has divorced three years ago. In the letter he asked it to arrive and asked to forget the past. Anna Filippova was married for gr - nom Antonovym and a vein with it 10 - j month. The choice laid ahead it: to go to Pimenovu or to remain in Leningrad. In the letter which it has entitled « Old song » she writes: « Grisha, I with you have lived 8 years, to you have more got used. Pledge a word that you to me will be correct in our new further life ». On this letter Pimenov sends the telegramme: « Come ». Anna Filippova declares to the husband Antonovu that leaves to Murmansk and asks it to agree to divorce it. Taking divorce Anna Filippova « happy » goes to Murmansk.

Here it is expected by bitter disappointment. Grigory Pimenov whom, by the way, the party member about 17 years, ministers in customs office, having lived with Anna Filippovoj 3 - 4 days has asked it « to go » back back home, when has learnt that she lived with another. Itself has left to spend the night to the wife from whom there lived in Murmansk before arrival Filippovoj. Now before court Anna Filippova asks to compensate only to it a material damage connected with a trip.

the Court has decided to collect with Pimenova of 36 roubles for journey from Leningrad to Murmansk and back and has decided within 6 months Pimenovu to pay to Anna Filippovoj on 10 roubles monthly ».

One more Murmansk « business » the report about which has appeared in the same issue.

« on April, 5th machinist Balysh 4 uch. Depot on a shunting steam locomotive at giving of cars, gruzhennyh fire wood on a warehouse, has accelerated momentum to 25 kilometres when to it it has been specified that on the given branch speed of a shunting steam locomotive should not exceed 5 kilometres. As a result it was not possible to it at an entrance to a warehouse to stop a steam locomotive, paternal a steam locomotive with all force has hit in deadlock and has fallen down in lake Imandra ice. Wishing to hide the true reason of wreck, machinist Balysh has pulled out the platen from reguljatornoj draughts.

Okrsud has sentenced machinist Balysh to imprisonment for six months, but, in view of old age, has replaced imprisonment 6 - ju with months of forced hard labour in a service place ».

Such here the Murmansk criminal chronicle vosmidesjatidvuhletnej prescription.