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The director of capital cafe has shot the visitor

On Monday, on June, 20th, it became known that from wound in a head has received 36 - summer Muscovite Filimonenko who has visited cafe “ the Sail “ that in the fourth house in Festival street past Friday.

As has found out a consequence, in 23. 50 Filimonenko   has quarrelled in cafe from it 44 - the summer director, the native of Azerbaijan T.Farzievym.

- the director of cafe has shot at the visitor, having used the traumatic pistol registered on his name 45 - go stamp calibre “ Rubber “ - have informed in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the city of Moscow. - thus the marksman has got to the visitor to a head. The wounded man has been hospitalised from a scene in reanimatsionnoe branch of the nearest hospital.

Witnesses assert that the director of cafe shot without the reason, having a good time. Employees of cafe say that the shot became a consequence of self-defence of the director of cafe from the drunk visitor.

By the way, on Sunday night, in one of apartments 16 - go houses on Horoshevsky highway 25 - the summer Muscovite has shot from the same pistol at a head 42 - to the summer Muscovite. The bullet has got to a victim to a head, the wounded man has died on the spot the got wound.

Upon wound and  destruction of Muscovites check by inquiry bodies is conducted.