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Bogdan Tsyrdja: “ the Alliance has pulled out This victory “ a sneer company “

Political scientist Bogdan Tsyrdja has told, why in Kishinev the candidate from LP Dorin Kirtoake has won victory:

- In my opinion, in capital have received very rigid result, result very close to each other. Till 5 mornings Dodon went the leader of race confidently. It means that communists   have seriously affirmed as Kishinev. Candidate PKRM had really very high chances.

All were solved by last week, namely Thursday and Friday, when by means of so-called « black technology » was the compromising evidence concerning adviser Tofana when the Office of Public Prosecutor has sounded the information on Dodona ostensibly forged by supporters Romanian   is thrown out; « Monitorul ofichial ». These two factors have played it is not good for communists.

Also has not in the last instance affected podvoz students from Romania and areas. To many pupils of HIGH SCHOOLS certain blackmail has been applied, to them did not give on hands roundabout sheets while they will not vote for whom it is necessary. I consider that victory of Kirtoake, it not its victory, and result of efforts of all Alliance. And Kirtoake as the mayor should pay in this respect   « a political rent ».

we Will look that will show a vote recount in Municipal council. But, it seems to me, hardly it can save situation of Dorina Kirtoake. It is assured that ahead of us waits big   opposition: in what it we will pour out will show time.

we Will remind that on June, 19th, 2011 has passed the second tour at elections of mayors in 512 settlements of Moldova, including in munitsipii Kishinev as in the first tour any of candidates has not typed 50 % of votes necessary for victory. According to the Code about elections, in the second tour by the winner the candidate who has got the maximum number of votes, irrespective of quantity of the voters who have taken part in voting is considered. In Kishinev, according to preliminary data the Central Electoral Committee, victory were gained by liberal Dorin Kirtoake. For it 50,6 % kishinevtsev have voted. 49,4 % have voted For communist Č|ćīš’ of Dodona kishinevtsev.