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This year the Samara schoolboys pass the Unified State Examination worse, than in 2010

the first results of Unified State Examination in biology, computer science and the literature Are published. In the Samara province this year results yet do not please: the lucky beggars who have typed treasured hundred points, became less, and « dvoechnikov » it is more. For example, we take the literature. Only 12 persons have handed over on - to a maximum. In their last year was 25 (see the table). But pleases that quantity « dvoechnikov » under the literature it was reduced.

In 2011 - m following the results of three examinations in the field of 14 persons have coped with tasks for hundred points. Last year such endowed children was twice more. Became more low and a mean score which graduates of this year have typed on those or others subjects. The biology has most of all suffered: a difference with last year almost 4 points. In obshche complexities of 117 persons could not type a necessary minimum at examinations. The same biology has appeared the most difficult for schoolboys, with tasks 76 schoolboys could not consult.

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