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In Novosibirsk 10 - the summer boy struggles with rare illness

Ten years` Jan Kushnir grew the healthy child, went in for sports and pleased the parents with good estimations. In December, 2010 mum and the father have decided to send the son   in a children`s recreation camp. As well as it is necessary, have collected all inquiries, have passed physical examination, have made tests and with quiet soul have brought the child on rest. However in the middle of change of Jan was ill with a flu and with temperature of 39,5 degrees parents have there and then taken away the son home.

- Already houses we with the husband have noticed that the body Yana began to become covered by bruises, there was a strong weakness. Next morning we were converted into polyclinic where after analyses it was found out that indicators of coagulability of blood at the son in 10 times below norm, - mum of the boy remembers Evgenie. – directly from polyclinic by the car « Fast » us have sent in haematology where to us and have sounded this terrible diagnosis: « the Aplastichesky anaemia » …

Since that moment life Yana and his parents has turned to struggle for a survival. Every day it are required to the boy on five - six donors who could supply with its blood, after all its marrow does not develop the trombotsity. Rescue the young Siberian the bone marrow transplantation can only, but also now it is impossible to do it. In the middle of June the status Yana has sharply worsened, and it has run in whom. While the son Evgenies will not come to the senses, about operation cannot go and speeches, after all for this purpose it is necessary to carry it to St.-Petersburg.

- From what there was an anaemia, it is not known. Doctors say that has put at all in a flu, it has simply provoked occurrence of this terrible illness, - our interlocutor explains. – now he lives exclusively at the expense of another`s blood, but it does not suffice. Therefore we have thrown a call on the Internet all that to whom the destiny of our boy is not indifferent, to hand over blood. We believe that it will come to the senses, and we can depart to St.-Petersburg on operation.

doctors gematologicheskogo the centre where Jan lies, forecasts refuse to do. And what forecasts can be, when the patient here some days on the verge of life and death:

- Such illness among children meets in the Novosibirsk region once on 100 thousand persons. It is very rare illness.

you too can help Yana Kushnir. For this purpose it is necessary to hand over blood of any group in the Center of the blood, located on the address: street Serafimovicha, 2/ 1, at week-days with 8. 00 to 12. 00. Before delivery to specify in registry that blood is intended for Yana Kushnir which is in gematologicheskom the centre on Vashnile. The receipt confirming krovodachu, it is possible to leave directly in registry.

the Inquiry « »

the Aplastichesky anaemia (a synonym - panmieloftiz) - disease of system of blood with lowered production a marrow eritrotsitov, granulotsitov and trombotsitov. More than in half of cases of the reason got aplasticheskoj anemias are unknown. In other cases aplasticheskaja the anaemia grows out of influence of the factors stifling krovetvornuju activity of a marrow. This suppression can be called certain medicines, including antibiotics, such as hloramfenikol (levometsitin), radiological treatment or chemotherapy. The best way of treatment heavy aplasticheskoj anemias is the bone marrow transplantation spent in the special centres on transplantation of a marrow, and change should be spent in maximum short terms after diagnosis statement. Without a bone marrow transplantation disease quickly progresses and in a current of several months leads to death.

Dear readers, thanks all who has responded to our appeal to help Yana. Unfortunately,   on June, 22nd   the child has died in hospital. Edition Yana presents condolences to parents...