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Why flows from a nose?

how faster to be quit with a cold

Be engaged in water procedures. A powerful stream of a watering can of a shower with warm - but not hot! - water direct that on one bosom of a nose, on another. A watering can it is necessary to approach that to postpone. Kill it of two hares: there is a hydromassage gajmorovyh bosoms (that all rubbish which has accumulated in them has come to light) and simultaneously warming up faster.

some times in day wash out a nose the added some salt warm water (a half of a teaspoon of salt on a glass). By the way, now in drugstores there were sprays on the basis of sea water - specially for nose washing at rhinitises and antritises, to use them very conveniently.

during the day in each two hours dig in in a nose aloe juice.

small chop garlic, warm up with butter and alternately that of one other nostril inhale steams.

a variant 1

the Sharp rhinitis, differently - Banal a cold at ORZ and a flu. That that with treatment passes for a week, without treatment - for 7 days . But it is better to receive medical treatment nevertheless. In this case our problem - to be quit with the activator of an infection and to remove an inflammation.

will help: vasoconstrictive preparations, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy, washing of nasal bosoms, and also reception of vitamins A, E, With and D which will restore mucous and walls blood sosudikov.

the Variant 2

the Allergic rhinitis. The most frequent display of a seasonal allergy to pollen of plants (pollinoz). At an allergy to a house dust, allocation and wool of animals, is usually combined with cough and sensation of an asthma. At a food allergy the rhinitis meets less often, usually at children`s age. But also always there is an accurate communication between influence of allergen and the cold beginning.

will help: antigistaminnye means (from suprastina to klaritina), and also - in long, difficult cases - gljukokortikoidnye preparations (the doctor will write out) in the form of sprays. To children for preventive maintenance of an allergic rhinitis often write out for zakapyvanija in a nose preparations kromoglitsievoj acids. Vasoconstrictive means of type naftizina or galazolina at an allergic cold are better be not to using.

a variant 3

Chronic atrofichesky a rhinitis. It is that case when from a nose pours constantly, years. The reason can be and the started infections of a nasopharynx, and a trauma of a partition and nose bosoms. At atroficheskom a rhinitis it is strongly hurt mucous a nose. About such cases doctors speak: a nose - tear off and throw...

nevertheless will help: physiotherapy, regenerative treatment mucous a nose, in case of need operation on straightening of a nasal partition.

it is important

In 30 % of cases not finished the cure in the childhood banal the cold becomes the reason atroficheskogo a rhinitis (when from a nose pours constantly) and an antritis.


25 % of inhabitants of Russia suffer affliction chronic LOR - preparations which at cold relieve of a cold at some o`clock have now appeared illnesses


. It is very convenient, if there is possibility to rest in bed no house and it is necessary to be ill on work. But a leah harmfully to accept them?

Andrey Chernov. Moscow.

our adviser Anatoly SMIRNITSKY Responds:

- similar medicines concern, for example, amiksin, rinza. Amiksin - a preparation stimulating development in an organism interferonov which stifle activity of viruses, including at a flu and ORVI. It well removes an influenzal cold and a fever on 10 - 12 hours. It it is recommended to accept on one tablet first two days of illness, then on one every other day. No any special contra-indications amiksin has, but it cannot be accepted it is long, as well as all immunostimuljatory, differently the organism can simply forget is independent to make interferony.

the Complex preparation rinza stops a cold at some o`clock at the expense of entering into its structure fenilefrina (it possesses vasoconstrictive action, removes a hypostasis and blocks slime development) and hlorfenamina (it removes allergic displays: desires to a sneezing and rez in eyes). Rinzu it is desirable to accept on one tablet three times a day 4 - 5 days. But this medicine is counter-indicative to the cores which are suffering affliction IBS, at a heavy hypertension. Also rinzu it is better not to use at whom serious problems with a liver.