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It will be smooth on a paper...

this week the minister ekonomrazvitija Herman Gref has again pleased with dynamics of growth of gross national product. Under its data, the Russian economy in June has grown on 7,8 %, and growth in the industry has made 9,2 %. In May both these were up to standard of an indicator 7 %. And in the beginning of year the government predicted even some decrease in rates of increase in comparison with 2003 - gross national product increase only on 6,6 % was supposed. Now Gref`s department prepares the new, specified forecast for the second half of the year.

with revision of economic figures us you will not surprise - last year the government within only one month five times changed the estimation of economic growth, did not leave yet at last on the figures corresponding to the requirement of doubling of gross national product. It is possible to explain such focuses on - to a miscellaneous. One will tell that the world prices for oil stably kept at high level. Others will rest on the bureaucratic logic of officials which important correctly to report. The third will tell, what game with figures is justified as tactical reception by budget preparation - will give the overestimated forecast, on its basis will impose the budget, and then suddenly money for its execution will not suffice? It is better to be reinsured.

all these explanations have the right to existence. Another is not clear: why at so long and fast growth of economy the subjective sensation of people does not change almost? They look in the purse and at the prices in shops then speak: yes, life became stabler, but not more richly. And statistical bodies assure that the salary grows much faster, than manufacture. But why we - that do not feel advancing growth of our incomes?

people start to argue: if the average income grows in the country, and my personal salary has not changed almost someone another, means, began to receive much more. Who? The answer to this question finds the people in lists of the richest people of Russia.

Though actually they here at anything. Well I know one enterprise, where still about four years ago white the salary was time in five less than the salary black standing out in envelopes. Now there all salary is paid legally. Represent, how it was reflected in the statistican? Fivefold growth of the salary! Though in practice it remained former. And such enterprises for the country - thousand. They leave from shades thanks to what very beautiful statistics turns out. And people as lived earlier, and live. And discrepancy between victorious official reports of ministers and real feeling of people accrues, generating in a society irritation.

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