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How much minutes can last advertising?

It would be desirable to find out, a leah watches somebody duration of advertising blocks on TV, - reader Andrey Ilyin from Moscow was converted to us yesterday by phone. - for example, last Sunday almost all films from - for advertising have increased nearly twice. To look the Pearl - Harbor it has been simply intolerable!

Advertising can make only twenty percent of all broadcasting time. To find an opening in similar restriction it is simple. In the afternoon, when at TVs sit unless pensioners and children, that is not the most solvent citizens, TV men do advertising blocks short - on one minute. But in the evening, in a prime - a time when the basic spectator is in general - that on whom advertising and is calculated, blocks can increase though indefinitely. In the Law About advertising It is told what to interrupt an aether on advertising it is possible no more than four times at an o`clock, and here for what time to interrupt - it is not told anything. As a result leaves that TV men break nothing: from them exactly twenty percent of time also it is occupied by advertising. Only almost all these twenty percent have for the evening!

and more some revolts that in one advertising block at times show absolutely identical two rollers. Here, unfortunately, too you will not carp, if the same rollers do not show and in a following break on advertising. As in the law it is told what to show identical rollers under the maintenance it is admissible no more than two times at an o`clock.