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to Draw

the sense of humour has refused last season to show there were many claims. Spectators were indignant concerning the ruthless reference with stars. Felt sorry Tatyana Plotnikovu, under which chair have enclosed a bomb Svetu Svetikovu whom the rack of mad muzhiks, and also Alla Duhovu who had to rescue " has attacked; the hostage . This summer during shootings of draw of Chulpan Hamatovoj the actress nearly there was no heart attack. And all because at authors of the program has sufficed mind exactly a week later after events in Beslan to dramatize capture of hostages in cafe where Chulpan has come to drink to tea.

in general, after numerous misses authors Draw began to swear and swear that more so will not be. That henceforth once and for all all draws will be delicate, and to cry to their participants it is not necessary any more.

As it was found out on Sunday, the program has really changed - it became is intolerable by the melancholy. Even at merry fellow Malakhov was bitter to look - so he obeyingly ran on stadium, training to bear the Olympic torch. During Vyacheslav Butusov`s draw I and at all constantly would like to switch the TV, all event on the screen was so unintelligible. The hysterical neigbour, the Moroccans, a barking dog, the divisional, offering to drink... And against this roundabout - absolutely impenetrable Butusov. Not ridiculously.

the unique character who though is a little, yes has amused, there was Ksjusha Sobchak. At first she for a ringlet with a brilliant, and presented to its girlfriend, has agreed to go on the closed party. And then, having thought that it looks crooked, began to shout heart-rendingly: a leah Yes you with whom deal know?

Here so we also have found out, to whom at us in the country it is necessary to be converted, if Blacks in a camouflage suddenly threaten. Ksjusha alone can quite consult with a platoon bandjuganov, and it will make it is in the ancient Russian way - will tear off to all of them eggs !