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Long live the most sad day in a year!

researchers in advance have notified on approaching January melancholy - most melancholy of all possible - from the Welsh university in Cardiff. They on a broader scale - that meant, English, melancholy. But inhabitants of other countries have willingly taken the forecast to heart.

- news has quickly dispersed all over the world, - Sergey Ivashin, - and, probably, " speaks Russian ritmobiolog; has programmed many on bad mood. Though in English calculations of the most depressive day of year at all their stiffness there are rational grains.

the collective under the direction of doctor Klifa Arnala has deduced difficult enough formula. Has considered influence of gloomy weather, the sizes of the debts done on feasts which it is necessary to give, the salary which has been saved up for year weariness, pressing forward or, to the contrary, resistance to any changes and, at last, time which has passed after joyful Christmas events. By arithmetic actions with these indicators scientists also have calculated date. It has turned out on January, 24th, Monday.

- Russia not England, - notices Sergey Ivashin, - rhythms of life others, not to mention the salary and weather. Plus the vacation presented recently. More shortly, I would move melancholy hardly forward - approximately for February, 5th.

the party offers Divannaja:

By the scrupulous analysis of a calendar for 2005 it was possible to establish that on February, 5th drops out on Saturday, that is not for the working day. And it is good chance to try to dilute melancholy big (from 100 grammes and more) and small (to 50 grammes) pleasures of life.

we will not give themselves to slavery to circumstances. And vozraduemsja to spite of forecasts. It is possible even to drink. After all, by calculations of some rank-and-file members Divannoj of party, capacity of melancholy inversely proportional to the used wine-glasses.

but it is not boundless: As a rule, a floor - vodka litre any more do not let know, you grieve or rejoice. And, anyway, precisely automatically displaces depression for morning of next day.

As you overcome the QUESTION of DAY depressive days?

Elena MALYSHEVA, the leader of TV program Health :

- Depression has strongly pronounced seasonal nature, because the person - solntsezavisimoe a being. When it is not enough sun, in an organism the hormone melatonin is developed. It does the person stifled. Therefore it is necessary to be treated for depression by light.

Vladimir ZHIRINOVSKY, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma:

- It is possible to sit at a fireplace, to take a walk in park, to go for a city. To run about, jump, sing under a karaoke, to drink champagne, vodka or beer. But the fastest variant of removal of depression - to hold good meeting. To collect one thousand person, to designate enemies of Russia and to vent upon all of them spleen and a rage.

Sergey MAZAEV, the leader of group the Moral code :

- I on a broader scale do not know about existence of such days! And when to me it is sad, sports and music help. I will play on a clarnet, and all passes.

Alexey KRAVCHENKO, the actor:

- I have two ways. The first - dialogue with a family. The second - driving on a motorcycle or a snowmobile. You will receive a portion of adrenaline - and an order.

Ivan KRUCHININ, the sorcerer - ekzortsist (Nizhni Novgorod):

- to overcome depression, it is necessary to work much and to happen in the open air more. And idlers can to advise bead or mantras. But sports and fishing help someone is better.

Yury STOYANOV, the actor, sovedushchy TV programs Small town :

- I am not subject to this status which, on - to mine, is constructed on giperbolizirovannoj love to. And if the person the alarm, advice at me starts to prevail against one: it is necessary to think of those who around and to whom can be much worse, than you.

Svetlana of SAUSAGES, the parapsychologist, Tomsk:

- In such days, to the contrary, it is easier to me to live and work, because I am a lunar person. And many complain of alarm, sensation of accident. In these cases it is necessary to relax and take pleasure. To listen to meditative music, a seagull to drink...

Alexey PETRUHIN, the actor:

- the Best means - work. And the more at me on a set of an action and all tricks - the more cheerfully. And this positive charge suffices for a long time.

Michael GRUSHEVSKY, the humorist:

- the Most important thing - not to give in to a negative. My firm way of a raising of mood - a campaign in sports hall. It is possible to play even in tennis. Depression as a hand removes.