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Ukrainian lessons

how the Russian power tries to press through today preferential reform, reminds a parable of the owner of a dog who loved a dog and consequently stopped it a tail in parts. As a result it turned out long and painfully. The same operation is spent by the Russian government with exempts whom it, certainly, feels sorry. Also it would be logical to it, cancelling privileges, sharply to raise pensions. On one thousand roubles or on two. Even on three! Reform would type at once turns. And the government and the president would gain additional points.

occurs opposite. The government rushes about, promising to lift pensions already on 240 roubles, and the people conceive all it as an offensive tip and continue to brawl in streets.

other approach is shown by the next Ukraine. Yushchenko, which rating initially more low, than at Putin, and which else it is necessary to make much to become the valid national leader, has promised to the people much and at once.

Populism? Certainly! But after all Yushchenko`s these decrees not simply strengthens the rating. It also puts the decision such sharp for all Europe, and especially for the dying out Russia, a demographic problem. And it to it zachtetsja. By the way, Russia will be richer than Ukraine, but for newborns we and do not dare to dream of such grants.

there are moments when the power should be not only courageous and resolute, but also generous. At least for the advantage.