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Yushchenko has promised $1600 to each baby

in September to coax Ukrainians, Victor Yushchenko has published presidential decrees which as it has sworn, its victories on elections will start to operate right after. The presidential oath only will cease, and decrees automatically will start to improve people life. All them 14.

For example, the first - About living wage increase on third .

Or the second: About increase of the size of a lump sum at a birth of the child providing to increase payment at once in 12 times (approximately to 1600 US dollars). Solidly!

or the third - About protection of the rights of citizens on use of Russian and languages of other nationalities obliges officials of all levels to communicate with citizens in that language on which to them are converted.

the fourth decree - simply fairy tale - Soviet period contributions are compensated to pensioners.

Shock the fifth - - to recruits to minister to guys in army not 18 months, but only 12.

the Sixth - a blow below the belt on corruption - to officials in the declarations on incomes to bring data on all members of a family, up to the cousin grandmother...

economists already warn: all these good intentions will turn back a definitive devastation of the Ukrainian treasury, growth of unemployment and economy withdrawal in a shade .

the Newly-baked prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko, though and with a prefix and. An island, should give yesterday the first a press - conference in a new rank and to tell, how Yushchenko`s decrees will operate. After all the president of Ukraine has gone to tour across Europe. But Timoshenko a press - conference paternal - that has not collected. Probably, waits: Yushchenko and " let will return; is answerable for the decrees?