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Putin drank with students on brudershaft and invited to get acquainted with daughters

Yesterday in new, with igolochki, to Moscow State University library on the Lomonosovsky prospectus celebrated Tatjanin day and 250 - letie university. In the company with Putin.

in view of that student`s the culture centre have locked for all comers - started up only the organised student`s weights to which since the morning have given out it is poisonous - green colour of the meeting request with Putin.

weights have appeared irresponsible - they suited a crush (from 17 entrance doors one has been opened only) and kosterili the rector.

... In a library toilet I have found three students who studied a Moscow State University hymn:

- Let the rector will pour to us wines more likely, zazdravnuju we will drink a bowl to the bottom!

as the singers have explained, at first the first line sounded: Let Putin will pour to us wines " more likely;. Hudsovet has replaced Putin on The rector .

Time: have clinked glasses! Two: have drunk!

... The president has broken an applause, hardly having appeared in foyer on 7 - m a floor. Because has told - loudly and on - valiantly:

- I have signed the decree - henceforth on January, 25th it will be marked as the All-Russia day of the student.

questions then fell down. Certainly, the majority was stirred with an increase to the grant. Putin knew it and, before to go on a meeting, has signed one more decree:

- Increase of grants was planned since September, 1st on the average for 200 roubles, - Putin argued. - But taking into account that we have passed to realisation known 122 - go the law, and in regions tariffs on municipal have been increased and a cost of transportation, I have given the commission that this indexation about increase of grants to accelerate...

students from places did not jump, as in a case with the celebratory decree, and did not applaud.

Entrant Galja Krylov also did not assume that to it will drop out to kiss with the president.
-... And, at least, - the president continued, - the grant on 100 roubles to increase since April, 1st, and since September, 1st - by hundred roubles.

the special pleasure on persons of students and here has not appeared.

- money small, - Putin has agreed. - But at least for journey on transport and for any other municipal this sort of questions it will be possible to use them. And, I think, it will be fair to extend possibility of acquisition of preferential tickets to students.

however, the feast nevertheless has taken place - after Putin`s meeting have moved on the ground floor, where in good time prikatili a keg with medovuhoj and where that hymn of the Moscow State University rattled.

in the end of a meeting there was an amusing episode. The microphone was asked by the thin young man in the points, sitting to the right of the president.

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, it is possible a private matter?

Putin has nodded.

- I know that at you two daughters - Masha and Katya.

Putin has pricked up the ears.

- they our coevals, they, probably, too students.

So all - taki, a leah will invite the president of Kostju Peregudina?
- Want to get acquainted? - Putin has taken an interest and began to consider attentively the student. In a hall the laughter was distributed. The student has reddened...

- then call in on a visit... You on what course study?

- on the sixth.

- about, that! - Putin has concluded.

the student:

- I simply wanted to learn, if not a secret, they receive what trade and how are going to celebrate a new feast? A leah want to come to us on Tatjanin day?

Putin was restive:

- you know, they a considerable part of educational process should pass houses. Unfortunately. In connection with a number of circumstances. As they will organise the further life is first of all their choice. But they want to receive Russian education. I on it would be limited.

the meeting has ended - Putin has left. At the student has not looked at all.

I have approached to the guy - he has been excited and as it seemed to me, is a little discouraged.

- Konstantin Peregudin, - was presented it to me, - the student 6 - go a course fizfaka.

- you seriously wanted to get acquainted with presidential daughters? - I have asked.

- not only I, - was embarrassed the guy. - and what? They, probably, simple little girls...

... Also invited to get acquainted with daughters

Unusual dialogue of the student - physicist Kosti Peregudina with the president so has surprised correspondents that we have there and then rushed on fizfak the Moscow State University

Here about such speed of the student at all did not suspect.

- On a broader scale - that it the boy active, studies well, - was restive the inspector 6 - go a course Lyudmila Kobzeva and by a shivering hand was pulled to a case behind a private affair of Peregudina. - Here its student`s card. However, a photo unsuccessful. In life it is much more interesting. Itself - from Sterlitamak. Now ends a magistracy.

we peered into a photo. Meanwhile the man of the hour was inaccessible. Its mobile phone did not respond some hours. We even have thought that the guy have already carried in residence Is new - Ogarevo. But eventually it has contacted and has informed that goes... To the Kremlin. We have gasped: cool! But it has appeared, Peregudin has gone not on a meeting with Putin, and on a concert.

- and how presidential daughters? - We have there and then asked.

- Who to them will start up me? - Kostja has burst out laughing. - But I have understood the main thing: democracy at us in Russia is.

is why?

- Well as? I have asked to the president a question. And personal. And he has very correctly responded.

- but you would like - taki to see all presidential daughters?

- With pleasure would get acquainted.

- And to marry at successful coincidence of circumstances?

- I Katya and Masha saw only on children`s photos, apparently, at you, in While there is no possibility to get acquainted more close, anything cannot tell. And the marriage of convenience me does not interest. Even if it is the daughter of the president.

- and you study, speak, well?

- Yes. And a speciality at me very interesting. Physics and management of scientific researches of high technologies.

- so you the perspective groom?

- Well, I will not be over-modest.

- and the girl at you is?

- Is not present...

the Daw has shown to us that it the class gymnast.
KNOW ours!

Galja KRYLOV: He kissed me on a cheek. But three times!

Yesterday on Vorobevyh mounts Putin not only beautifully spoke, but also has beautifully drunk for students a mug present medovuhi. And 19 - the summer entrant of journalism faculty of the Moscow State University, the dancer of student`s theatre Galju to Krylov the president has congratulated especially - a hot kiss.

really, the Daw - the girl courageous and very resourceful. And appearance modelling - growth 174 see Besides the master of sports on rhythmic gymnastics. We have found it at theatre, on rehearsal. That we did not doubt its dancing abilities, it there and then at us has easily thrown to herself a foot for a neck, without having regretted leather trousers for 7 thousand rbl.

- I on a broader scale at heart prikolistka. And here also a feast. The mood was simply super, - tells Galja. - When Putin together with rector Sadovnichim spilt medovuhu, we with friends have appeared absolutely nearby. All, of course, wanted to clink glasses with the president. And I too. In a fantastic way after all in Day of the student and - with Putin! And suddenly I ka - ak will tell to it: and give, Vladimir Vladimirovich, on brudershaft! The president was not confused at all. Well and even has kissed...

- it was pleasant?

- Still as! Though kissed only in a cheek. But three times!

- And how on a broader scale to you Putin?

- very lovely, much more nicely, than in the TV.