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Electric privileges in Moscow will the Moscow pensioners are saved

To spontaneous protest actions against cancellation of privileges can not to join, the deputy chief of legal department of the Center of service of sales of energy of Open Society " considers; Mosenergo Elena Berezkina. Elena Anatolevna has analysed corresponding documents of capital level and has shared conclusions with our newspaper.

according to the federal law 122, accepted in August of last year, a privilege are not excluded not so from our use, - has explained Berezkina, - they are passed in conducting subjects of Federation. So, for example, in Moscow as in the subject of Federation, measures of social support of Muscovites according to laws of a city of Moscow will be carried out, and in other subjects - according to statutory acts of local administrations .

However, now a word privileges it is replaced with a word combination measures of social support . But the essence remained former: all those categories of citizens which concerned to " earlier; preferential on - former will have the special rights at payment housing - utilities, thermal and electric energy.

in Moscow the Law of a city of Moscow " on November, 3rd, 2004 has been passed; About measures of social support of separate categories of citizens . A month later, on December, 7th, 2004, authorities of the capital have confirmed an order of granting of these measures.

the only thing that has been changed in last standard documents concerning electric power payment, - continues Elena Berezkina, is a procedure of payments of privileges for two categories of citizens - members of large families both honourable donors of Russia and the USSR. If earlier the first had 30 % - nuju a discount from a total sum for the consumed electric power now these of 30 % are calculated from the specifications of consumption accepted by the government. Donors also - paid half of cost for actually consumed electricity earlier, now it is 50 % from the specification .

On a question - it is good or it is bad? - The unambiguous answer is not present. On the one hand, many economical families and now burn much less the than put seventy or eight-ten watt a month. On the other hand, these specifications are not reconsidered ten years (are confirmed by the Moscow government in 1994). Consumption, as it is known, grows, including in a life. In the Moscow region especially - by data Mosenergo annually on 5 %.