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Student`s privileges

For 150 thousand students of the Kemerovo region it is entered more than ten privileges. Today 2200 honours pupils of the higher and average educational institutions have received awards from 300 to 600 roubles, provided by the regional legislation. Names of 150 young men and girls which will free of charge make tourist trips to other countries are simultaneously named.

under the order of governor Aman Tuleyev in connection with commemorating of Day of the Russian students (Tatjanin day) in Kuzbas since February, 1st of this year is entered a new privilege. Now each student`s family where both spouses students and in which the child will be born, will receive from the regional budget a lump sum at a rate of 10 thousand roubles and a set for the newborn.

and before to children of students have given free preschool centres.

The studying youth uses the right of free journey to public transport, preferential housing loans, grants for payment for training and every month is provided with food sets - governor Aman Tuleyev has told at a state reception on the occasion of Tatjaninogo of day. He has noticed that in connection with 60 - letiem victories in the Great Patriotic War in cities and villages of Kuzbas have organised student`s groups for all-round aid to front-line soldiers and workers of back . Expenses of the regional budget on regional social programs constantly increase, and this year will exceed 1,5 billion roubles.