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an United Russia the New system of purpose of governors and future elections in the State Duma exclusively on partspiskam beats competitors in regions

have considerably changed a political map of the country. Sights of experts are directed now mainly in a province, after all now it will define in many respects alignment of forces on an imperious Olympus. There comes time for the analysis of the elective campaigns which have swept on regions in the end of the past year. In obvious leaders it was beat out an United Russia gradually grasping leading positions in the majority of subjects of Federation.

in the conditions of electoral system reform on the foreground unexpectedly there were the regional parliaments which before were on a certain roadside of political life. Today, when deputies of Legislative Assembly of the subject of Federation should confirm the nominee of the governor offered by Moscow, reception of the parliamentary majority in regions became a priority problem for the Russian parties.

It seems that is better with the appeared problem consults an United Russia . In the middle of November the party in power behind a clear advantage took Legislative Assemblies of the Tula, Chita, Kaluga, Irkutsk areas and Mary El`s Republic. The basic competitors - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Native land and LDPR - have considerably lagged behind. Only on Sakhalin the Native land has slightly outridden United Russia party members . In traditional red the Tula area EdRo has received 23 %. On elections in Mary El`s State meeting bears have received third of voices. Almost same result has been fixed in the Chita region - 36 %. And in the Kaluga region United Russia party members having received 42 % of voices, could create larger fraction, than possible incorporated left - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Native land 23 % which have for two won only.

Already then analysts have started talking about successful work of regional branches an United Russia . December elections only have confirmed these words. The party has successfully finished campaigns for elections of governors. So, from an United Russia the deputy of the State Duma, mayors of big cities, for example, Rostov-on-Don, the Find and Severodvinsk have been selected a number of governors. Powerful fractions " have been generated also; EdRa in the Archangelical regional Duma and the Duma of Koryak autonomous region.

it is separately possible to note convincing victory of the party in power in the Bryansk region. The second tour was unconditionally won by the candidate from an United Russia Nikolay Denin who has typed almost 78 % of voices. Its rival, the candidate from the Union of the right forces Evgenie Zelenko in the second tour has received voices even less (10 %), than in the first (12,5 %). Such happens seldom enough. In a management an United Russia victory in the Bryansk region name an evident indicator of successful personnel selection of party . Besides, the chairman of Legislative Assembly became the United Russia party member Vladimir Gajdukov, and in the Federation Council has been selected party member Edward Vasilishin.

On elections of the governor of the Kurgan region victory has gained the United Russia party member Oleg Bogomolov who has received 49 % of voices. Leonid Markelov became Mary El`s head again, support to which have rendered bears . It has won 75 % of votes. One of the most popular politicians of the Far East, the high councillor an United Russia Victor Ishayev from 85 % of voices has been re-elected on fast of the governor of Khabarovsk territory.

on elections of heads of local government EdRo Triumphed in Rostov-on-Don, the Find and Severodvinsk. In Rostov the candidate on fast of the town governor from ER Michael Tchernyshev has received 64 % of voices, in the Find Oleg Koljadin - 50 %, Alexander Beljaev in Severodvinsk - 39 %.

Has proceeded and a gain regional parliaments. So, on elections in the Archangelical regional meeting an United Russia from 23,5 % has won confident victory. And after all in one-mandatory districts United Russia party members have won in 17 districts from 31. Thus, the archangelical fraction EdRa has made 27 deputies from 62.

the Candidate of the party of the power has confidently defeated and on elections of the governor of the Ulyanovsk region. It is more than half of voices Sergey Morozov has typed. After it there was a candidate against all won a quarter of voices.

in Republic Khakassia ER Without special efforts has received the majority on elections of the chairman of the government and deputies of Legislative Assembly - the Supreme body.

the secretary of presidium of a general council an United Russia the first zamrukovoditelja fractions an United Russia in the State Duma Valery Bogomolov has voiced satisfaction results of elections: Our representatives have won victory in the Astrakhan, Bryansk and Ulyanovsk areas. In the Pskov and Kamchatka areas we also are happy with results of elections. Taking into account the political reform initiated by the president, regions become today the centre of political life .

Autumn elections are especially important that they became original rehearsal of future elections in the State Duma on which for political parties, we will remind, is established 7 - a percentage barrier. Confident overcoming of this obstacle an United Russia Says about that in 2008 party structure of the State Duma in which now fill United Russia party members hardly considerably will change.