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Here to you, Chekhov, and mother-in-law`s day!

as it is known, before revolution the power in Russia was descended. If happy-go-lucky you appeared the relative of the tsar, and it is better his son it was necessary to wait only for that moment when thy head will put on an imperial crown.

old kind traditions have decided to revive in Chekhovian area. For this purpose there is an interesting occasion - elections of head. Some candidates use such nou - hau in selective technologies that have surpassed the most abrupt PR managers.

during the last years the Chekhovian area has seriously changed. It became possible thanks to the head of area Gennady Nedoseke and its command. In 2000 he has won elections and has started to transform area. For these years it was possible to make much. The local industry has considerably quickened, serious investors have come, habitation building has begun. Only for five years the Chekhovian budget has grown several times and has come nearer to billion roubles. Soon Gennady Nedoseka has managed to transform area into one of the most sports in Moscow suburbs. Two commands: on handball - “ Chekhovian bears “ and to water polo - “ Storm - 2000 “ repeatedly became leaders of the national championships. And handballers on a broader scale became favourites of governor Boris Gromova which never passes interesting games. Under its initiative also there was on a map of the city one of remarkable complexes - sports palace “ Olympic “. Last year has opened also an ice palace which became at once popular in local boys and little girls.

head and its command had big plans - to construct new quarters, schools, hospitals. But there was a misfortune.

in November of last year Gennady Nedoseka tragically was lost in a road accident. Its authority was so great in area that first very few people has believed in accident.

there was also other hearing A bit later that its live and healthy saw where - that abroad. But the miracle has not occurred.

and after a while it has been decided to hold an election of the new head. The Chekhovian town governor the former security officer, the Moscow businessman, the security guard and others have wanted to become. The real applicant the candidate from local authorities today is considered.

five years ago at the desire of Gennady Nedoseki that has come to work to the command of head. Solved the most sore problems in the finance, economy, housing and communal services. For example, it was possible to pay off with debts for light and gas, to pay off with pensioners, needy, once and for all to forget about delays of salaries.

therefore not casually the candidate from the power since first days of elective campaign became the main target for other applicants. Those have privately united to support other candidate. This candidate was... The mother-in-law of tragically lost head Gennady Nedoseki.

To be the mother-in-law of head in Chekhovian area is all the same what at once to receive general epaulets. “ a rank “ naturally, could bring certain privileges and quite good privileges. Who begins to contradict the mother-in-law of the town governor?

there is no saying as this thought has come to it that only it can be the head of area. But on related communication with the lost head all elective campaign is constructed.

“ I know that I can continue all that my son " has started to do; is a literal citation of the candidate. For many acquaintances occurrence new “ the son “ in her family became a full surprise.

but the main thing that Gennady Nedoseka has been declared not only the son, but also the adherent. It turned out so that every day after work that came to the mother-in-law and behind a modest supper they together discussed plans for development of Chekhovian area. Naturally, to whom to continue the conceived?

As appears from elective newspapers of the candidate, only it has the full and unconditional right to be head. It is its debt to a city and all area. It appears, there was no administration, the command, nobody worked, did not solve an area problem.

in a press there were articles in which authors came back again to circumstances of  destruction of Gennady Nedoseki. It was informed that today the Chekhovian area became range for test of new technologies of a crime situated near Moscow. A pier, “ friends “ strenuously tries to return the lost positions through... Elections. And such chance has appeared - to try to achieve concessions from one of appeasable candidates.

for example, one of candidates in the interview has declared that “ the crime will try to spend to the place of head of the protege “. It was hinted, to what signs it can be defined - very much has early begun campaign, aggressively her spends. The Chekhovian people were puzzled - who it could be?

at once after New Year`s feasts the local election committee has appeared filled up with claims. All claims concerned only one person.

competitors carped at the slightest pretext - a leah the present diploma at it about higher education? And can be, he has bought it in transition from the underground? A leah installation a photo with the Hero of Soviet Union Boris Gromovym? A leah by right was used national symbolics? A leah is checked up the declaration and a leah is not present at it bills abroad?

the whole commands of lawyers nonstop worked to find any zatsepki in propaganda materials of the rival. The specific goal has been put - to remove it from elections at any cost!

one of these days unknown people cut off six big posters from roadside boards. It were photos of the candidate and the Hero of Soviet Union Boris Gromova. Say that to someone from “ voters “ very much “ Were pleasant “ pictures, time were not too lazy to break them at late night.

and in Chekhovian streets there were two strange special vehicles - with bright colour illumination, posters and slogans: “ nedoseka - Silich - we! “

such still nobody saw. The people with a smile met it “ a miracle “.

In a word, on elections in Chekhovian area it is not necessary to miss. One candidates search legal “ fleas “ others try to influence the compromising evidence the voter, the third declare the claims for the power because relatives of the town governor. Continuous nou - hau!

Perhaps, such experience can be used and in other areas of Moscow suburbs. Head was ill or has retired - and on its place the son, the brother or the mother-in-law sits down. Also it is not necessary to be spent for elections, to take away from the people the day off. And so has looked, what relatives at head, and at once you know, who will be the following.

On hearings when Gennady Nedoseki`s first mother-in-law has learnt that the second has decided to go on elections has for fun told - it would be necessary also to me to try the happiness!

well, at each mother-in-law the happiness - at one in education of grandsons, in silent home life. At another - in passionate desire porulit Chekhovian area, speculating for memories of the lost head.